ELCIA-ISBR to collaborate for the Rural Immersion Program

The International School of Business Research (ISBR) is in talks with the Electronic City Industries Association (ELCIA) to be a part of the Rural Immersion program managed by ELCIA. Over 200 MBA and PGDM students of ISBR during the academic year of 2017 will get to be a part of the Rural Immersion program which aims to bring a significant change in the 19 government schools in the vicinity of Electronic City.

Aruna Newton, Chairman, ELCIA Trust & Global Head D&I Infosys Ltd lauded the concerns of ISBR for making a difference in the government schools. Speaking about the areas of focus she said “Infrastructure is one area that has been taken care of. We should go beyond that and focus on what is happening inside the classrooms.”

Highlighting the difference the Agasthya Science Centre has made in the lives of the children belonging to the government schools in Electronic City by helping them to open up and speak and how it has made science learning fun, Aruna opined that integrating Maths and English on the lines of the Agasthya Science Centre would play an imperative role in the Rural Immersion program.

The International School of Business Research (ISBR) plans to be a part of the Rural Immersion program for at least 3 years and doesn’t wish to make it a one-off experiment.

The meeting which was held on 22nd June 2017 saw the presence of Dr. Rama N.S, CEO, Electronics City Industrial Township Authority. Mr Abbas Ali, Head of Placements and Corporate Relations, Prof. Nanaiah Pattada, Head of Industry Relations and Dr. Karpagam T., Dean Academics represented ISBR.


International Internship workshop by Prof. Ananth Rao, Dean University Of Dubai

‘Internships in B-schools is of paramount importance’: Prof. Ananth Rao

An international internship workshop was organized at the International School of Business Research (ISBR) at its Electronic city campus on Wednesday, 21st June 2017. Prof. Ananth Rao, Dean, Dubai Business School, University of Dubai was the chief guest of the workshop.  Prof. Rao highlighted the importance of internships for B-school students and how mere classroom teaching won’t be sufficient for the new-gen B-school students.

“Classroom learning is not everything. Classroom learning needs to be applied in the real world,” said Prof. Rao. Speaking on the importance of Industry-Academia linkages, Prof. Rao said, “Harnessing Industry-Academia linkages will go a long way; students need a more hands on approach at problem solving. A student needs to understand the functioning of a company closely and come out with solutions for the various problems a company might be facing.”

“Rote learning, copying, reading and writing have to be replaced by critical thinking; logical reasoning and analytical thinking,” opined Prof. Rao.

“Internships could be career placements for the right candidates and Indian students are the brightest students, they are hard working and they stand a good chance to get placed during the international internship” said Prof.Rao.

Mr.Abbas Ali, Head of Placements and Corporate Relations addressed the students and mentioned, “Internships are opportunities that need to be exploited for ones career growth. It gives a perspective into what sort of skills are required at the global level. An internship is the first and most important step in one’s career.”

Internships are considered as an academic phenomenon in most universities which is a wrong concept opined Mr. Ali. “Making students employable and catering to the industry needs is important. Academics is one of the ingredients of one’s career. It is not ‘the’ ingredient.” said Mr.Ali.

Prof. Nanaiah Pattada, Head of Industry Relations said, “India will have a different kind of economic system, the overhaul is happening already. The biggest sectors for jobs in India would be the agriculture sector, retail, and health care.”

Speaking about how different organizations and jobs require different resume formats, Prof Nanaiah said “Resumes need to be different and in accordance with the organization or job one applies to. A resume for an internship has to be different from a resume one uses to apply for a job. The format has to differ depending upon the needs.”


International Yoga Day Celebration with Art Of Living

Techies from Wipro , Infosys , TCS and other companies in and around Electronic city celebrated the month of International Day of Yoga 2017 by undergoing an Art of Living’s Sri Sri Yoga  Workshop of four days at ISBR Business School, Bangalore.


















The workshop was designed to give techies a break to ponder over their physical, mental and spiritual well being and help them to strike work life balance. The workshop was a huge success as the participants experienced lot of transformations in their lives at the end of the four days and also the environment was conducive to give them the best experience possible.

The workshop was taken by Full Time Art of Living Faculty Siddharth Pandey – Rajasthan State Teacher coordinator for Yoga. Siddharth is an MBA graduate from FMS Udaipur, who travels in and around India to teach the techniques on mind management. He also delivers one hour special sessions in corporate and colleges on request.

The workshop was done in beautiful campus of ISBR and the college authorities and staff supported the Art of Living team to the best.


Contributed by-

Sabhya Soni

( Faculty- Art Of Living)


What Skills Do Employers Want Most in B-School Graduates? AND How ISBR is Preparing Its Students for Developing Such Skills


Employers consider many skill sets while recruiting graduates from business schools. These skills ultimately influence job profiles and salaries offered depending upon the industry. Skills are demonstrable aspects of a candidate’s Resume which can get him or her bigger starting salaries with better job roles.

While identifying the right candidate for a job, employers look for much more than just domain knowledge. Many employers require candidates who can demonstrate skills that go beyond technical expertise such as interpersonal communication and team-building skills.  Companies look for candidates who can analyze business problems and help find possible solutions. Most importantly, they must have the ability to communicate with a wider audience.

Every year Bloomberg releases a global recruiter survey report to identify abilities that are most sought after by companies in budding managers. As per the findings of ‘Bloomberg Job Skills Report 2016: What Recruiters Want’, there are five truly valuable skills that recruiters want young managers to possess. These are leadership skills, strategic thinking, communication skills, analytical thinking and work collaboratively. The study reveals that corporate recruiters hire those MBAs who can fill key roles for meeting their organization’s goals for growth and expansion. For a majority of these employers, the top reasons cited for including recent MBA grads in their 2016 hiring mix included:

  • Building their leadership pipeline and succession planning
  • Supporting company growth
  • Innovative thinking and
  • Business acumen

(Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-job-skills-report/)

Across most industries these same factors appear, in varying order, among the top reasons why employers recruit and hire MBAs.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) which conducts GMAT exam also does a study on what recruiters seek in graduate management students. The study found that among the five major skills sets which employers consider critical while employing recent business school pass outs for a mid-level position, communications skills is the most important followed by teamwork, technical, leadership, and managerial skills.”  For candidates who meet these requirements, the rewards are substantial.

How ISBR is Preparing Its Students for Developing Relevant Job Skills

At the International School of Business and Research (ISBR) Bangalore, we believe in creating opportunities for our students to successfully build the requisite skills that employers look for with the help of an array of activities such as Power Conversations with corporate leaders, Conference engagements, Industrial visits, smart skills training, corporate networking events, panel discussions, etc apart from their classroom teaching.

ISBR, top management college in India has core activities that enable students to make significant improvement in their skills and perception to lead tangible improvements for the companies. As part of the Institute’s Learning Strategy Modules, students can hone their writing skills, communication skills, time management skills, leadership skills, critical analysis skills, decision making skills, interpersonal skills for effective team work etc. besides many others. ISBR’s Learning Strategy Module is design to help students to make the most out of their studies & provides a rewarding learning experience.

ISBR’s interesting delivery model provides good scope for developing analytical ability, innovative thinking and exposure to new advancements in technology and latest trends in the industry through internship, domestic & international guest lecture series, case studies, paper presentations, industry exposure visits and various other innovative modes of learning.

“C-Talks” is one such useful platform whereby students get an opportunity to interact and learn directly from CEOs, Directors, CFOs etc. of leading companies. During one of the interactive sessions organized under this series, the Institute invited Mr. Sandeep Tyagi, Director HR, Samsung Electronics to share some of the key lessons in management with young minds. Similarly, to combine theory with practice, the Institute recently organized an industrial visit of its students to Raymond UCO Denim Pvt. Ltd. (Garments Division). Raymond is one of the top producers of ring denim in India with 60% market share. During the exposure visit, students covered manufacturing units of domestic as well as foreign brands such as Spykar, Levis, Scotch and Soda, Jack and Jones.

Being located in one of the country’s most developed cities gives ISBR students a strategic advantage over others. Students have easy access to offices of some of the leading national and global companies headquartered in Bengaluru. Leveraging this advantage the Institute organized a one day visit to Adecco India on 25th April, 2017 for the students of MBA and PDGM 2016-18 batches. Adecco India is the largest HR solutions company in India. The visit provided students an opportunity to meet various working heads in the company and discuss emerging career prospects in the industry. Adecco India CEO, Mr. Priyanshu Singh addressed the students on the occasion and also welcomed them for internships.

In order to give global business perspective to young practicing managers, International Conference on ‘Contemporary Challenges in Business Management’ was organized on 24th March 2017 at ISBR premises.  The Conference was organized in association with University of Mysore, The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM), Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) – A SAARC Recognized Body; and Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).

With an aim to develop better analytical abilities and enhance decision making capabilities of students, a Case Workshop was organized for the students of MBA and PGDM programs. The workshop was conducted by Prof. PK Thomas, Faculty Entrepreneurship and Strategy Areas who is also a Serial Entrepreneur and an eminent expert with vast experience in case study method of teaching and training. His cases are widely published in various reference text books and other publications.

Besides, the above, ISBR’s association with leading Industry and Professional Bodies like Assocham, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), National Human Resource Development (NHRD), The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) etc. helps students in building stronger industry linkages along with learning the best and latest practices in global management.

Final Tip for Aspiring Managers

To conclude with a tip it can be said that in today’s dynamically changing business environment, the most fundamental trait that companies look for in fresh MBAs is “organizational fit”. “Organizational fit” is an evaluation of how well a candidate’s work style, attitude and values align with the organization’s work culture. For organizations, you are an investment. Therefore, apart from developing relevant job skills and other attributes, MBA graduates should also be able to adapt and align themselves with the business objectives of their prospective employer; a trait which can be mastered with age and experience.

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How to Keep Yourself Updated with Current Industry Trends?

Keeping yourself up to date with latest industry trends is not a choice but a necessity if you want to succeed in life. It is essential for students and working professionals alike to keep themselves informed about latest developments in the field of business and economy. Companies today are changing fast with exponential innovations in technology redefining the way they operate their businesses. There is daily something new coming up which has to be followed for upgrading knowledge. Keeping pace with latest developments in your chosen field of business ensures that you get a competitive advantage over others in the job market.

Most important aspect to succeed in present day business world is effective communication. And it goes without saying that articulation and eloquence in communication requires a broad bandwidth covering general awareness about industry, economy and emerging trends. Staying well informed can improve communication skills and lend credibility to your actions and increase chances of success at work.

Here are a few simple ways to keep yourself abreast with current industry trends that can yield good returns for you in future. To start with, devote sometime from your daily schedule each day to practice these steps so that it becomes your habit later.

Your Network is Your Net Worth:

One of the most effective ways of remaining well informed about latest trends in business and economy is to stay connected with right set of people. Building networking relationships helps to leverage shared wisdom and expands your knowledge base. It is one of the most innovative modes of learning and working together. Students and working professionals alike can participate in relevant interactive forums, on social media etc. as meeting and interacting with people leads to a lot of knowledge sharing and co-creation opportunities. This eventually helps in staying updated with current business trends and practices.

Read Relevant Content/Publications:

Reading magazines, journals, and newspapers is a time tested way to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. These publications render great source of information of all sorts. Devoting daily time for reading can drastically improve your general knowledge on current affairs. You can read magazine publications such as ‘Harvard Business Review’, ‘Smart Manager’ and ‘The Economist’ for keeping yourself updated with upcoming trends in the fields of politics, business, science and technology, arts and literature and many more such interesting areas. Today, there are certain mobile apps as well which are known for their content discovery and distribution application. Inshorts is one such app that aggregates news and other content such as videos, infographics, and blogs, and summarizes them in 60 words or less. It is a very useful tool to remain updated with latest trends and developments in various areas of general awareness.

Television as a Tool of Empowerment Via Infotainment:

The millennial generation is heavily hooked on to television these days. TV shows are gaining popularity day by day. News channels play a pivotal role to keep us updated regarding all business, political and economic development globally. Watching dedicated TV shows on business, entertainment and current affairs increases level of awareness.

Social Media:

Social media is a very powerful and popular way to remain in constant touch with happenings around the globe and in almost every sphere of life. By following specific professional groups, joining online communities and liking pages on various social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger etc. one can get huge amount of information on what is trending in the field of business and economy. These sites empower individual users to build global communities by sharing user generated content on your chosen area of interest. For e.g. if you are a digital marketing aspirant or perhaps interested to learn more on exponential technologies, you can search for those groups and communities on social media and become a member. Or in case you are a budding entrepreneur and want to remain in touch with all that is happening in the world of startups, you may wish to sign up for ‘YourStory.com’ which is India’s biggest platform for startups and entrepreneurs related stories, events, news, research reports and analysis and other resources.

Following industry thought leaders on social media can provide you with quick tips, links to important articles, and new insights saving your precious time that you would like to spend searching for the good stuff on your own. You can look for your industry contributors on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Subscribing to email alerts and specific blogs is another useful way to keep track of upcoming news regarding business and market trends.


How to Use Social Media Effectively for Job Search and Networking?

Advancing your career or changing jobs for better prospects in life is always challenging. Social media can provide information and connections that are vital to your career and job search. It is also a cost effective way of hiring the desired candidate quickly.

As the competition is rising, hiring managers are looking for innovative ways to reach out to the suitable candidate. They are now going beyond regular resume to assess your credentials. Apart from a candidate’s past professional experiences and other general information, companies are also checking their social profiles to verify credentials before making the final selection. Companies use social sourcing and referrals for encouraging employees to refer right talent. Similar corroboration and recommendations also happen when we wish to grow our network and connections for exploring career opportunities.

Information Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey

Each social media property has its own unique way of enhancing your reputation online. Ensuring certain best practices on this medium can increase your commercial and professional viability. Your daily interactions on social networking sites can have a great impact on how prospective recruiters frame you as a potential employee for their organization. It is therefore important for serious job seekers to utilize social media skills in an effectively smarter way for attracting talent hunters.

Here are 3 important social platforms to help you optimize your job search strategy and build wider contact through effective use of this technology.


LinkedIn is the most widely used social network by HR professionals for talent search. It is therefore a popular tool to connect with a large community of recruiters and expand your professional network. Your LinkedIn profile provides a quick glance of your professional competence to head hunters online. Besides, it is also a useful way of connecting with other professional communities and groups online for the purpose of networking and knowledge sharing/creation. Some of the useful tips to attract hiring managers have been listed below:

  • Your profile should be complete with all key information added. Job descriptions must highlight core strengths and professional skills. Market intelligence suggests that having a complete profile ensures proper indexing of your profile when any search is performed and increases chances of receiving job opportunities on account of higher ranking during profile searches by companies.
  • It is crucial to include major accomplishments, experiences, education, skills, honors, professional achievements or any other aspect of your dossier you wish to highlight.
  • Profile image should be chosen carefully.
  • Apart from your profile, prospective employers also check your social interactions on LinkedIn. So, ensure that your LinkedIn engagements (posts, share, comment or follow) are of professional content.
  • Make sure to include recommendations in your profile page from appropriate persons like previous heads, colleagues, friends etc. Their comments will act as word of mouth publicity for you.
  • You can use LinkedIn to connect to professionals from other or related field to grow your network.
  • Join LinkedIn groups that align with your professional interests, including alumni groups, trade associations and organizations of which you’re a member.
  • Use LinkedIn to search jobs or prospective employers. LinkedIn Jobs allows you to search jobs based on different categories. You can also see how you are linked to the person who posted the job opening.
  • To understand your recruiters or interviewers better you can search their LinkedIn pages.


Twitter is the favorite place of high-level executives. Most of the top management of leading companies manage their own Twitter account and are open to join a conversation with you. While searching for a jobs, try to build talking points around your prospective companies with your tweets, re-tweets and replies. Use relevant keywords and hashtags feature to connect with followers talking about those companies. Follow those companies on twitter for more information and updates. Make connections with people who are working for potential employers.


Contrary to popular perception, 83 percent of job seekers are currently on Facebook. Facebook can be a great site for screening social profiles of people who will interview you. You can also find out whether or not you have common friends with your future hiring manager. To make yourself searchable for hiring managers, your current and past employment information, location and professional skills/interests should be made public in your account settings. The content you post and share on Facebook can help recruiters in psychological profiling of your personality. So, you will have to be a little cautious while actively engaging on this social media. Similar to LinkedIn and Twitter, on Facebook also you can connect with other people in your field and engage with industry specific communities.

These are few of the things that not only help you connect with key industry people and get you future job roles but it also gives a glimpse to other people into finer aspects of your personality that can be crucial while offering you a responsible job role or making new connections with you.

So, go ahead and put your best foot forward on social media to create an image that is impactful and at the same time convincing to the outside world.

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How To Benefit Yourself From ALUMNI NETWORK

In professional life, ‘who you know’ is equally important (if not more) than ‘what you know’. Here, your network is your net worth. And which network can be more worthy and strongly bonded than the one sharing common educational inheritance and ethos. Yes, we are talking about Alumni Networks.

So much so is the importance business schools place on their alumni networks and associations that the London based world famous news magazine publication ‘The Economist’ regularly conducts an independent research of several top American and overseas institutions to measure the usefulness of their alumni networks and assesses its potential value of alumni involvement.

Likewise other good B-Schools, ISBR too has a strongly connected Alumni network.The association provides mentoring support to students and makes them learn through real world experiences. According to one of the senior faculty members, “Some of our alumni, who have been placed with esteem organizations such as Morgan Stanley, Time INC, Niyo, KPMG and so on, are regularly called as Star Invitees to visit our campus for guest lectures, training sessions etc.During discussions with students they provide useful insights on their organization’s recruitment process in context of final placements and internships. They even guide students on importance of peer networking for generating better job leads and seeking valuable career advice.” Many of our Alumni refer and come back to college to hire students for internships and placements. Recently, few of our esteemed alumni Mr. Pradeep from Fellow Class, Sharon Angel and Karan Gidwani from Petoo hired our students during Internship Fair 2017.

The ISBR alumni community is well connected through all channels of advance communication including social media and Whatsapp group.

ISBR Alumni Reunions are organized as its flagship event every year. Last year this gala meet was organized on 3rd July 2016, at Lemon Tree Hotel, Electronic City, Bengaluru. The event attracted many enthusiastic alumni who came all dressed up in retro theme for the nostalgic night. A toast of honor was raised by teachers, staff and the management team to felicitate alumni from the batches starting 2007 to 2016. This year the biggest alumni meet is scheduled to be held on 1st July 2017.

So, in case you are a B-School aspirant and interested to know about leveraging benefits of alumni network for career advancement, here are a few useful:

Your alumni association can prove to be an immense network of professional contacts. It is the most valuable personal network that can reap professional benefits even much stronger than LinkedIn or any other social networking groups since it shares a common inheritance and bonding.

Therefore one needs to start working early in B-School for developing contacts. For this, you can consider getting associated with activities of alumni cell in your college. Use your online alumni directory to connect with people who could be great resources for introductions or recommendations. Invite reputed alumni to visit your campus and engage students in live interactions. You should also attend events of your alumni group to build relationships over the long-term.

By the time you graduate from your business school, you would already have built your own professional network that is closely linked.

Additionally, Alumni networks can be very useful if you are looking to make a career shift, planning for the next promotion, hunting to hire talent for your own company, or even wish to take advantage of sabbatical from work to upgrade your skills/qualification through a certificate program/short term course.After all who else other than your senior alumni in the industry can give you the best piece of advice on matters related to career enhancement?

Besides, most of the B-Schools have a dedicated Alumni portal or Facebook group which usually offers exclusive job postings, resume reviews, webinars, networking events, and a variety of other resources free of charge to its members. More value added services like career counseling or alumni only career fairs can also be organized to leverage benefits of this association.

In case you are a budding entrepreneur and need seed fund for generating working capital for your start-up, you can think of your alumni contacts as a potential source for crowd funding.  You may even wish to explore funding support from the alumni association for raising fund to support a socially responsible cause.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Alumni networks are a great way to remain in touch with your Alma Mater. By staying in touch with your Institute, you can contribute immensely in its growth and in the process of doing so express your gratitude to the Institution that helped shape your career and find purpose in life.






For the students pursuing MBA / PGDM, an internship is like a net practice before the final match. It’s very crucial from the employability point of view for students to be up to the mark to meet employer’s expectation. Thus to provide its students with hands on corporate exposure, ISBR Business School organized an Internship Fair on 24th-25th May 2017 for its MBA and PGDM students of current batch.

The Placement Cell of ISBR worked with full passion and dedication to rope in the best and most promising companies from the corporate so the students get a great exposure to the industry. The work for the Internship Fair began two months prior to the D-Day and the contribution from the students to the placement cell made it all possible with an immense support and guidance of Mr. Abbas Ali, Head- Placement Cell and Mr. Nanaiah Pattada, Head- Corporate Relations. 35 companies from different sectors were invited for the on-campus interview while there were 15 for the off-campus internship recruitment. The companies invited for the on-campus fair included ICICI Prudential, HyperCity, Go Niyo, Decathlon, 3M, Follow Class, Easy M2M, Wholesale Box, Wings Within, RIGO, Venus Technologies,  Narayana Healthcare, Mentees Capital, Lodestar, Doodle Interiors, Lexa India, Svastera Healthcare etc. Also certain companies took a Skype interview which included UrsDay, Birla Sun Life, Startaap, Reliance Retail, etc.

MBA/ PGDM, ISBR, Internship FairThe students were extremely excited to appear for the interviews as they had the choice of attending the interview of the company of their interest. The students were mapped based on their specializations and given the choice for applying to those companies which were in-line with their interests. The recruiters were pretty impressed by the performance of the students as they were able to crack most of the interviews and matched the requirements of the companies.

Special mention to the Student  Internship Organizing Team who contributed and made this fair possible- Kamalesh Keserker, Renu Lakra, Jithu James and Neethu Nambiar, all under the guidance of Ms.Sangeetha, Coordinator- Placement Cell. The whole fair was very well organized and coordinated under the student leadership of Darshit Vegad and Rahul Pandey with their team of coordinators who gave their 100% in spite of having their own interviews.

Few of the student’s of Student Organizing Team shared their experience as below:

  1. Rahul Pandey

“Internship Fair 2017 couldn’t have been possible without the great inputs from the placement cell. I was glad that I was selected by them to organize this event for them. It was a great opportunity for me as I got great exposure to the corporate and industry. Although the last few days before the fair were excruciating in terms of both physical and mental toll it took on us but nevertheless we enjoyed the overall process and the end result. Coordinators came forward voluntarily which was the greatest relief for us as we didn’t want to push anybody to work with us. The placement cell supported us in everything we demanded and that was also a bonus for us. All in all, it was a great learning experience.”

  1. Kamalesh Keserker

“As a part of the core committee of the Internship Fair, it was an amazing experience to work with people from the industry and the corporate to organize such a great event. There was a lot of expectation from us both from the students as well as the academics department and I hope we successfully were able to deliver. Negotiating with companies and roping them in was a different experience within itself. We got great support from our team as well as the Placement Cell. I am grateful that I got an opportunity to work with the best people in the industry.”

3. Jithu James

“We had been working day in and day out for the last 1 month which showed eventually in the grand success of the internship fair 2017. The placement cell supported us in all possible ways and Mr.Abbas Ali was the constant force behind our energy and passion. From all the student coordinators to the staff, and the people who we dealt with from the industry were quite supportive in the whole process. It was because of all of them that we were able to pull off such a grand event without any hassle.”

4. Renu Lakra

“It’s been a wonderful journey being part of Placement cell. The best part of it is to have the opportunity to connect with the industry people and understand how interesting it is to work, when you are at right place with people around being tough, warm and with remarkable zeal.”

Some of our Recruiters Experience @ Internship Fair 2017 are as follows:

1.Company Name: The Adecco Group

Recruiter Name: Sonakshi Gupta, Assistant Manager- Marcom

“I have a long association with ISBR. As Adecco is one of the leading HR Solution Co. India, we have on and off requirement for internship and this is part of it. Students are raw diamonds that needed to be polished. We expose students to HR, Finance, Digital marketing and so on. If student get internship in good company or a company aligned with his/her career goal, it is a best platform to get exposure of various support function, different verticals and processes. They get direction to understand and thus follow their career goals. They should know about the company they appear with proper industry knowledge, quick adaptability, passion and zeal to work. It is always better to learn from basic level so that their foundation should be strong.

I found the fair very well organized. Candidates are very good and focussed. I am happy to visit here.”

2. Company Name: – Mentees Capital

Recruiter Name: – Mr. Kiran Bindu, Co Founder- Mentees Capital

“We were looking forward to soak in a few good students for the internships and this fair was a perfect opportunity for us to do the same. Internships give the students an opportunity to look at the real working environment inside an organization and get hands on experience of the same. Also to get the real feel, the minimum duration of the internships should be 3 months because anything less than that is nothing but just “TOURISM”. The students also must put in efforts to know about the company which he is going forward with and also the profile he has been offered. All in all it was a good experience to come and interview students at ISBR and we are also looking forward to give a placement opportunity based on their performance in the internship.”

3. Company Name: Decathlon

Recruiter name: Piyush Mehhra, Talent Recruiter, Logistics- Decathlon

It is always good to have talented, young students around you who can share their fresh outlook. Internship gives good exposure to  students about different perspective of company viz a viz academic knowledge or course books are concerned because practical life is much more different . Companies look for how serious  and future oriented candidates are. Students should be treated equally and should be included and given clarity about their job so that they can optimize their experience and learn through internship.

Overall the whole event was a huge success and the students were really contended with the efforts of the college and so were the recruiters with the efforts of the students.

-Rahul Pandey 

MBA( 2016-18)

(Member of Writer’s & Media Club)