Mentorship Challenge: Campus to Corporate – Gap Analysis

Mentorship Challenges has always been exciting for ISBR students and they really look forward to each challenge as a medium to show case their hidden talent as well as to hone their skills. It has been ISBR’s endeavour to nurture learning and consistent development among its students. In adopting this culture, the institute has introduced a SELF DEVELOPMENT PLAN or rather SELF ANALYSIS also known as C2C ( Campus To Corporate- Gap Analysis), which is a series of learning tools and activities that enhances your awareness of various industry practices, reality checks, job profiles, skill- sets required etc. to make its students industry ready.

ISBR had immense pleasure in conducting Mentorship Challenge: Campus to Corporate – Gap Analysis on 15 May 2017. There were 20 contestants from across 7 Mentorship Groups. Mr. Rahul Saha from MBA and Ms. Tanya Sarkar from PGDM hosted the event. The eminent panel of judges included Professor Nanaiah, Director- Corporate Interaction, Dr. C Manohar Dean- ISBR, Mr. G R Nair, Director Admission, Mr. Abbas, Head- Placement and Dr. Karpagam, Director- Academics.

All the mentorship group members were assembled in the auditorium to witness the event and to boost the morale of their team members who were to present on stage. The main objective of this challenge was to prepare each student for corporate world by guiding them to choose their specialization according to their skill set to further zeroing down on their preferred sectors, companies and their job profiles by reinforcing their personal strength and domain knowledge.

In C2C challenge the selected students had to give a brief description about their specialization they are going to take and the sector where they want to work. They had to justify as to why they are opting for a specific sector, what they will gain from it and what job roles they should go for. This led to the clear understanding that how we should plan our career and according to our interests what sector we should choose. The time allotted for each student to present their presentation was 5 minutes. All the twenty contestants performed well and some performed exceedingly well. They even answered questions asked by judges confidently. Out of the twenty contestants, five were declared as the best presentation.

First prize was awarded to Ms. Niyoosha whereas the second prize and third prize were awarded to Mr. Rahul Pandey and Mr. Samir Hassan Ali respectively. The other two consolation prizes were awarded to Ms. Poulami and Ms. Shwetha Chowbey. After the prize distribution ceremony, Dr. C Manohar and Prof. Nanaiah discussed the significance of Campus to Corporate challenge.

Finally, in his vote of thanks Mr. Anni Arnav, Head- HR thanked all the contestants, volunteers, mentors and judges.

Some valuable inputs that we gained from this event were:

  • Be clear about what specialization you should go for.
  • Identify yourself as an individual and know your strengths and USP.
  • According to your interests and capabilities choose the sector where u can be an asset to a company.

Arvind & Aviral

( Members of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club)

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 ETHNIC DAY Celebration @ ISBR

Ethnic Day @ ISBR

On 22nd April ISBR students hosted a colorful event called “Ethnic Day” to celebrate and rejoice the culture and values of our great nation. The event was conducted to bring out the tradition and moral values that we as Indians have learned as we grew up. The event was conducted to celebrate our Indian pride.

On this occasion students came dressed in ethnic attire. While the boys looked handsome and dashing in their kurta pajamas, girls melted the hearts with their colorful saris and ravishing kurtis.

On the whole, the event was celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. The event was held in auditorium and included Fashion show, Singing, Dance and much more. It was a boisterous atmosphere where the students and faculty enjoyed. It was a sight to see all the students participating with much energy that too in their ethnic attire.

The programme was started with a warm welcome done to all the students and the volunteers who did a great job in conducting the show. Then Shashi Michael (MBA Batch 2016-18) gave her voice to a beautiful rendition of “My Heart will Go on” from the movie Titanic.

The performance was mesmerising and soulful. It was followed by the electrifying dance performance by Himanshu Sharma (PGDM Batch 2016-18) who made the crowd go mad with his Punjabi dance moves. In her performance, Kiran Jhala (PGDM Batch 2016-18) impressed everyone by doing a traditional rajasthani folk dance .The dance was serene and beautiful and reflected the aura of Rajasthani culture.

The main attraction of the ‘Ethnic Day’ was fashion show which was a grand success due to the large number of participation by students. It was a treat to see participants walking on the ramp displaying their lovely attire with confidence. The show stealers were the students from Andhra Pradesh who wore white lungi with black shades.

At last whole of the auditorium was converted into one big dance floor where all the students came together and danced.

Overall the day was awesome with students rejoicing to their fullest and the event will be etched as a good memory deep into our hearts.

– Aviral , PGDM ( 2016- 2018)


(Member of ISBR Media & Writer Club)

Industrial Visit to Namdhari seeds Pvt. Ltd

Industrial Visit to Namdhari Seeds

On 26th April 2017, a group of students visited Bangalore plant of Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (NS). It is located at Bidadi, 70 kms from Bangalore city. Students started their journey at 10 am and reached the venue by 11:30am. Students were accompanied with the visitor’s card at the gate. At the entrance itself students got a glimpse and could feel the beauty and purity of nature spread across 200 acres of land at Namdhari Seeds.

Students then proceeded to the audio video hall of NS. They got to know on how strictly all the rules and regulations at NS are being followed when all the visitors (along with employees) were asked to remove their footwear outside the gate, before entering the Audio Video (AV) room premise. In AV room, students were addressed by some of the employees of NS. They had arranged a presentation for our students on Namdhari seeds, which gave students a brief idea about the company.

Namdhari Seeds Pvt Ltd is a breeder, producer and distributor for quality vegetable seeds. Inspired with the blessings of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, the Spiritual Supreme of Namdhari Sikhs, Namdhari Seeds was formed in 1985. They are committed to development of high quality vegetable varieties with better yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions. Today Namdhari Group of Companies has created job opportunities for more than 5,000 people working in more than 10 states of India and having offices in 4 other countries with Bidadi, Bangalore plant being famous for its superior quality Tomato seeds production.

After the presentation students were headed to the cleaning, packing and storage area. Before students enter the plant they were given aprons and a hair cap to wear. All visitors were asked to wash their hands as Namdhari Seeds take care of each and every aspect related to hygiene. In the packaging plant we all evident various packaging techniques for different vegetables and also experienced the chilled feeling of storage room set on different temperatures according to the requirement.

End of our visit to packaging plant lead us to Green House wherein we actually entered the green house of tomato plant. The fact that everything inside the greenhouse was automated, the person addressing us explained various maintenance factors involved.

Students were so mesmerized and involved in the visit that NS offered us the visit to cattle house, we headed to the cattle house and saw a huge number of cattle. Each cattle was punched a number plate on its ear for identification. They had set a scrub machine where cattle could go and scrub themselves.

After the cattle house visit we were headed to the campus canteen where awaited the delicious food for us!
We enjoyed the food and started our journey back to our college campus.

Milap 2017- An Sports Event         

“More lessons are learnt on the sports field than in the classroom.”

Like every year, the students of ISBR look forward for Milap , the Sports Extravaganza that has always displayed an active participation of students in sports such Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throw Ball, Girl’s Cricket and Athletics to name a few. With the support of college management, students of Sports Club organized this event on 15th and 17th of April, 2017 at NeoTown Ground.

On 15th April, the day started with cricket match between MBA Senior Batch (2015-2017) and MBA Junior Batch (2016-2018) followed by PGDM Senior Batch ( 2015-2017) and PGDM Junior Batch( 2016-2018). The seniors (boys) dominated the juniors by winning all qualifiers whereas Girl’s junior cricket team did prove their metal by being victorious against their own seniors. Sports club arranged the jersey for all students and did superb arrangement of all the facilities including medical facilities.

The winning teams played Finals on 17th April 2017. Girls took active participation in Throwball. Athletics for 100m, 200m, and 400m was arranged for boys as well as for girls. By the end of afternoon Football match between various teams got started. At last boys played the finals of football.

Audience including students and faculty were present to cheer the teams. It was taken care that no student hurt themselves while playing. Overall, it was a successful event where students got there much needed break from regular lectures. There were some really exciting matches on the final day. The event ended with the spirit of good sportsmanship.

The winners of the above mentioned matches are as follows-

Cricket -boys (MBA 2015-2017)             Volley ball- boys (MBA 2015-2017)

  • Pradeep(C)                                      1) Aiyappa
  • Aiyappa(WKT)                                 2)Karthik
  • Vijay(VC)                                          3) Jaydev
  • Digvijay                                            4)Digvijay
  • Karthik                                             5) Chethan
  • Nishant                                            6) Vijay
  • Aravind                                            7) Aravind
  • Ashir                                                8) Srinath
  • Naveen                                            9) Sai Krishna
  • Jaydev
  • Sai Krishna
  • Anirudh
  • Bittu Kumar

Volley ball- boys (MBA 2015-2017)

  • Aiyappa
  • Karthik
  •  Jaydev
  • Digvijay
  • Chethan
  • Vijay
  • Aravind
  • Srinath
  • Sai Krishna

BOX CRICKET- Girls (PGDM 2015-17)

  • Pallavi(c)
  • Shobhna(vc)
  • Aparna
  • Srujana
  • Aanchal
  • Rajshree

THROW BALL-Girls (MBA PGDM 2016-18)

  • Sweta
  • Chaitali
  • Samiya
  • Sneha
  • Pratibha
  • Renu
  • Rajyalaxsmi
  • Shreeja
  • Merry Aneeta

FOOTBALL-Boys (PGDM 2015-2017)

  • Shreedhar
  • Sumedh
  • Rahul
  • Hussain
  • Parth
  • Ashish
  • Bhaskar
  • Akash
  • Raju
  • Happy das

ATHLETICS-Girls (100m and 200m)

  • Chaitali – 1st
  • Sweta Chowbey-2nd


  • Aiyappa- 1st
  • Vijay- 2nd


  • Aiyappa- 1st
  • Nishant – 2nd


  • V.Srinivas
  • Chaitanya
  • Venkateshwarya
  • Kannada






‘Experience Work Day’ by ISBR students @ Adecco

Experience work Day @ Adecco

Being located in one of the most urbanized belt of the country packed with industries, companies and IT parks has its own perks and ISBR misses no opportunity to make the most of it. ISBR organized a one day visit to Adecco India on 25th April, 2017 for the students of MBA and PDGM 2016-18 batch.

Adecco India is a leading HR solutions company with a focus on Executive Search, Recruitment, Training & Learning and Temporary Staffing Services to client organizations and it is the largest HR solutions company in India.

The visit was actually an initiative of the Adecco Group called ‘Experience Work Day’. With an aim to help young job seekers overcome the challenges they face in finding and landing good jobs, they dedicated 700 branches and offices in 46 countries, on April 25, to help, guide and advise young job seekers on their ‘way to work. ‘Experience Work Day is part of The Adecco Group’s ‘Way to Work’, launched in 2013, to tackle youth unemployment and skills shortage, develop young people’s employability and help them enter the world of work.

Thus the main objective of this tour was to provide students with the opportunity to meet various working heads in the company, predominantly HR industry professionals and engage in knowledge sharing sessions while getting an orientation to the available career options within the industry. Students from both the batches including three senior faculties were able to witness the working environment in Adecco India.

Right after reaching Adecco India located in the old airport road of Bangalore, the students were segregated among various groups based on their preferences like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, etc. The groups were addressed by the company representatives from respective fields. Firstly, they gave a brief about Adecco India and also gave insights about their working; what and how exactly the things happen in reality at ground level. They spoke about how the transition from school to work and making a decision that affects their future careers is one of the most intriguing phases in young people’s lives. With growing global youth unemployment, that transition has become all the more fraught and how exactly do the students need to address these issues and find a direction towards better.

The sessions were interactive and students were welcomed with their inputs and ideas. Post lunch after a brief session of each group it was time to conclude and at the end, a query session was also organized where the students got an opportunity to interact one to one with the representatives and the company heads. The discussion was not only limited to their working and functioning, but also forayed into other areas like job prospects and careers for the students in future. Adecco India CEO, Mr. Priyanshu Singh addressed the students and shared some light hearted moments with them. He also welcomed the students for internships with them. This was followed by a group photo session with all the students, faculty and the company heads and employees. Students took back a unique and educating experience with them when they left the company at close of day.

Being a part of the marketing team, i would like to share my personal experience too.  we were taken to the cafeteria @ Adecco where we had coffee. It was then followed by an intriguing session which was regulated by the Marketing Communications Head Miss Sonakshi and their Digital Marketing Head. They briefed us about the company and talked about the key concepts and terminologies in marketing in detail. Several questions were pitched in and they were happily answered by them. They started off the entire session by probing into the students and their thoughts by asking how do you differentiate sales from marketing and explained how exactly the co-ordination happens between all the departments that lie under the bigger umbrella called marketing! The session was brief but had a lot of takeaways for the students.)

Rahul Kalita

(Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club) 

She is mine..

It was just another day; I boarded my bus and was on my way to work. The long journey on the bus often gives me time to peek into the morning news. As I pulled out the newspaper and sheepishly glanced through the content for the day I was reminded of the quote by the famous journalist – Malcom Muggeridge who said “All news is old news happening to new people”. As I flipped the pages hurriedly, my eye caught the line of the center page article “Adoption…an option”…just then the bus jolted and so did my heart. Any other woman could have skipped that column but not me. It was not merely a page with information but it pulled back the pages of my past …a story of transformation…

Even as the world observes the month of November as the ‘Adoption awareness month’ I hope my experience can help create awareness too many that choose adoption as an option. Here is my story…

There are often those moments in life when the search for meaning haunts you. As a single woman getting back to an empty home, I was merely existing and enduring than living. A home is built on love and love is shared with people, an empty house with walls staring at you each day is nothing better than incarceration. Unlike most working professionals who look forward to the weekend, I dreaded the idea of spending two lonely days. I tried my best to volunteer in schools, taking lessons for little children every weekend. While such activities distracted me for some time, the dark, gloomy questions kept coming back. I was certain that I had lots of love to give and was earnestly searching for reasons to live. But who was I living for?

Finally it dawned on me that I needed to give to receive, I had to get out of my cocoon and invest in someone who would be my reason to live. It was then that I seriously began considering adoption. It wasn’t easy as a single woman. Firstly, I had to overcome the doubts in my own mind, secondly, I had to face tough questions from my immediate family and finally the thought of swimming against the tides of societal norms was daunting. But I had made up my mind, I had stepped over the line, I was not going to retract. My agency search had just begun…

In the months that followed I almost knocked the door of every renowned adoption agency, not only in Karnataka but also in my home state of Kerala. Everywhere I went, the response was one of these –

“Sorry! You are single”

“How about your family?”

“You are working, how will you manage?”

“It is against our rules”

My visits to these orphanages left me with a sense of despair. All my dreams were crumbling right before my eyes. I felt like I was being sucked into a black hole. I was truly at the darkest ebb of my life.

Someone said “The road to disappointment often leads to a divine appointment” well, it was true for me. When everything seemed to be going wrong, just by chance (miracle really) I got an email id of an agency (Catalysts for Social Action) in Pune, Maharashtra. I immediately wrote to them and Dr Usha Pillai, the head of the organization responded immediately with the details of a 3 year old child who was rescued from a remote village called Lathur in Maharashtra. I was elated. My joy knew no bounds. For the first time in my search, someone had responded with the details of the child without detailing their rules and constraints.

I was on my way to Lathur…all alone

It was a bright Saturday morning in June, 2007; I sat eagerly at the lounge of the institution. A thousand pictures of chubby little girls flashed through my mind. Finally the wait was over and the matron brought the little girl who would be the fulfillment of all my dreams. But when I looked, I was truly in a state of shock. The mental imagery was a far cry from reality. A tiny kid, all skin and bones, staggered across the portico toward me. I stood there speechless. I did not know how to react. Seeing the look on my face, the matron quickly said “Would you want to look at other children?”  While I hesitated, little one had managed to come close to the old wooden chair on which I was seated. For a moment I thought she had heard the comment of the matron. Her little hands held my fingers, in an instant I grabbed those little hands and looked right into the eye of the matron (who was still waiting for my answer) and said “She is mine”. The papers were signed and we were ready to leave the next morning

A new phase in life had just begun…

My life had changed in a moment. I was now a woman with a reason to live. I was now a mother. My heart was bubbling with joy… immeasurable joy, and the little one become my Ameya – meaning immeasurable or boundless.

Initially we both had problems adjusting. She was a Maharashtrian, I was a Keralite. She was from lathur, I was from Bangalore. I spoke English and Malayalam, she understood neither. The first week almost passed in silence with no communication. Soon we evolved a sign language that only we could decipher. Slowly we began building our lives on the common foundation called ‘love’. My house of walls soon evolved into a home with hearts.

Years have rolled by; the malnourished child from Lathur is now my beautiful Ameya. She attends one of the prestigious schools in the city, (Kendriya Vidyalaya) and has a flair for languages. She speaks Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, Bodo and English. She accompanies me in all my community endeavors. We even stayed for over a year in the violence stricken parts of Bodo land (I spent 1.5 year in Assam as part of the community empathy program at Infosys). People often quip – “You behave so much like your mother” and we look at each other and smile. Ameya is enterprising and quick to make friends. Whether it is ‘Notebook Drive’ or ‘Rural Reach’ program, volunteers at Infosys look forward to seeing Ameya more than me.

We often take long walks in the parks and Ameya loves to hold my hand. Each time she locks her hand in mine, I remember the day when I took her hand to tell the whole world – “She is mine”.

Adoption…Adaption…and Jubilation. With Ameya, my search for meaning in life has come to an end…

Do consider adoption as an option.

More information about adoption,

– Suja Warriar 

(The Author, Suja Warriar is a Member of Sustainability Planning and Governance, Infosys Limited | Bangalore, India and is a frequent visitor at ISBR as a Corporate Leader – Mentor. Recently she attended Women’s Day celebration @ ISBR)


Industry visit – A blissful trip to Chocolate Factory

Industrial Visit to Chocolate Factory

“Chocolate is not just a word, it’s an EMOTION!”

Well there would hardly be anyone in the world who doesn’t love chocolate. The plant visit to Bliss Chocolate Factory in Bangalore marked another industrial tour of the MBA 2016-18 batch of ISBR on 26 April 2017. It started with the screening of a virtual tour of a standard Bliss’s production plant and an overview of the product line.

To talk of Bliss Chocolates Pvt. Ltd, it is a self funded private limited company with its production and retail operations in Bangalore.  Its two divisions – Retail and Corporate have managed to stir the chocolate cravings of the consumers. Bliss was created with an attempt to break out of the norms and monotony of the Indian chocolate market and re- energize the sweet tooth of the customers. Bliss chocolate concept arrived from the group of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) from Australia. They felt there was no chocolate lounge concept in India. Passion for chocolates led them to open an outlet in India. There were many reasons to choose Bangalore, like existence of corporate companies, lower set up cost and network in Bangalore was familiar compared to other cities for the NRIs. In the retail segment, Bliss Chocolate and Dessert Lounge are designed as premium category to offer a variety of hand crafted chocolate, chocolate beverages, cakes, desserts and chocolate meals.

The students were excited to experience how an industry dealing chocolates work at ground level. Mr. Priyanshu, Production Head of Bliss chocolate factory took charge of the entire visit of the students. He gave students a virtual tour of the entire plant which revealed about their range of various products except chocolates. Bliss deals in chocolates, breads, muffins, cakes, etc. The virtual tour was followed by an actual tour of the production plant starting with breads. The representatives were kind enough to personally take the students through the production process step by step. The students gained insights on how testing of raw materials takes place before entering the production process. It was followed by an explanation of the working and importance of individual units of the automated system. It included the mixing of raw materials to form a mixture that is then further molded into the requisite shape and size. Once the molding is done, it is baked and undergoes a cooling treatment to catalyze the process. Finally, the students were lead through the packaging unit of the plant where all the items were being packed in a variety of packages. Then the students were taken through the production processes of the cakes, muffins and everything was explained to them starting from the raw materials procurement till the final packaging. For all their production, it was pretty much the same process that they carried out irrespective of the exact type probably because they deal with the same product line. After this, the students were taken through the process of their chocolate production where they were guide by Ms. Vidhi Sahgal who happens to be their trainee and she explained to the students about the unknown sides of ‘being chocolate’ and briefed about the various types of chocolates. The basic and probably the most important takeaway of the entire tour was to understand that ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and thus ‘all that looks like chocolate ain’t chocolate’.

At the end of the tour the students took a group photo with the employees of Bliss Chocolates. With a heart filled with happiness and the pockets filled with chocolates, students left the factory with a different experience altogether which will remain with them for a long time.