SELF BRANDING WORKSHOP by Mr. Ajeesh Venugopal

Guest Lecture on Self Branding by Mr Ajeesh Venugopal

On 21 st February 2017, ISBR conducted a session on Self Branding. The session was taken by the esteemed guest Mr. Ajeesh Venugopalan.

Ajeesh Venugopalan is the Head of Marketing in Wipro Limited. He has rich experience in customer engagements, Services and Digital Marketing. He is a trained campaign management specialist from US and a transition expert having transitioned marketing teams from US to India on multiple occasions to bring in optimized marketing solutions for the organization.

In his session, Mr. Ajeesh took the students through various avenues of the concept of self branding and familiarised them with the crux of it. This concept is crucial considering the stiff competition we as budding managers are going to face in the outside world, it is important to know what self branding actually means. The session was about how you as an individual need to develop yourself so you can be unique and which sets you apart from others. He further mentioned, “ It’s about building your USP and how you can sell yourself and tell the world that you are better than others. Because of the cutthroat competition in the market world, you need to be different, innovative, and think off the track to survive and make ourselves competent. Building a Brand of yourself- is to create a unique identity of yourself that sets you apart in the industry.”

The session was very fruitful, informative and enjoyable at the same time because we explored ourselves and gained insights about our personality and where we stand. He told us to identify ourselves- our strengths, weaknesses, how do we present ourselves in a single tagline that would impress the other person. It was a self –exploration that made us realize who we are and what we can do to be the best among everyone. The most important lesson we learned is that believe in yourself and that you are the best brand available. Some very valuable inputs we gained from the session were-

  • Believe that you are unique
  • Identify your strengths, and use it to your advantage.
  • The significance of having a healthy personality.
  • Thinking out of the box and to be bold and innovative.

 Over all it was a great learning experience for all of us to work towards building our own brand.

Mr. Aviral Kumar

(PGDM 2016-18)

Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club

The Union Budget (2017-18) – Review by Dr. Ratna Sinha

Union Budget (2016- 17 ) - Review by Dr, Ratna SinhaUnion Budget (2017-18), was broadly focused on 9 major pillars of the economies —The farming Sector, rural population, the poor and underprivileged health care, Educational skills for Job Creation, Infrastructure investment, Governance reforms for ease of doing business, the financial sector for stronger institutions, prudent fiscal management and tax administration for the honest. This is one of the challenging budget as the world economy is facing considerable changes and uncertainties economically as well as the politically, even inside the country, one of the most reformative actions came into existence “Demonetization” the action to curb the black money.

Merging of railways budget with the general budget, a long tradition of separate budgets of railways and general budget was broken this year and was merged this year allowing the railways to the central stage of government’s fiscal policy.

Key highlights of Budget (2017-18)

  • A sum of Rs. 10 lakh crore is allocated as credit to farmers, with 60 days interest waiver which help farmers
  • NABARD fund will be increased to Rs. 40,000 crore. Irrigation corpus increased from Rs 20,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore.
  • MGNREGA: Rs 48,000 crore has been allocated; participation of women now at 55%; using space technology in a big way.
  • Annual income in the range of 2.5 to 5.0 lakh will be taxed at the rate of 5% instead of 10% earlier for resident individuals below the age of 60 years.
  • The Government is targeting 2500 crore digital transactions in 2017-18 through UPI, USSD (used for mobile banking without internet), Aadhar pay IMPS as well as card payment.
  • Allocation of 10,000 crore for laying out Optical Fibre Cables for Bharat Net project. By the end of financial year 2018, 150,000 gram panchayats will have high speed broadband connectivity.
  • Skill strengthening to be implemented from the year 2017 with a budget of Rs 2,200 crore.

Emphasis on Education Sector to make country Digital Hub

No doubt the budget is more focussed to facilitate digital India vision and to provide ground level improvements for progress towards digitalised economy. With that Finance Minister has given more emphasis on educational sector also by providing greater autonomy to major institutions and even UGC will be reformed for higher education. Colleges and institutions will give more autonomy. CBSE will be freed from conducting examinations, and will focus majorly on academics. Two new AIIMS is proposed to be opened in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

Decision to Improve Ease of doing Business in India

Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) Category I & II are exempted from indirect transfer provision. Indirect transfer provision will not apply in case of redemption of shares or interests outside India as a result of or arising out of redemption or sale of investment in India which is chargeable to tax in India.
These steps will definitely help improve India’s ranking on World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking. Currently India ranks 130 out of 190 countries participating for World Bank’s ranking.

Thus the Union Budget 2017 noticeably move towards to be growth path, providing adequate thrust to key economic sectors and maintaining focus on the bottom of the pyramid.

“Follow Your Dreams.” – Ms. Sakshi Vij (Entrepreneur, ISBR Alumni)

ISBR Alumni Sakshi Viz interview

ISBR takes pride and value its alumni fraternity. Lets dive into the conversation with our one such Alumni, Ms. Sakshi Viz who is carving a niche for herself by setting up her own business and moving ahead against all odds.

Q1. Tell us about yourself?

A. Hi i am Saakshi Vij. I am a graduate in Business administration and a Post graduate diploma in Marketing from ISBR B School in year 2015. I am currently the Founder and Director at SAASUD CREATIVE OPC PVT LTD which is into Jewellery.

Q2. As you mentioned your start up, we would like to know about how did you come up with this idea ?

A. I always had this hobby for designing jewellery and did a few assignments during graduation. It even helped me to earn some pocket money.  What I didn’t know that I would develop this hobby as a passion and make it a career.

When I decided to start something on my own, I knew it had to be in this field. Although I was very happy with my job at Zomato but still the satisfaction factor was missing in my career.

Q3. Tell us about your company?

A. We manufacture and retail gold Polish, gold plated , 925 silver, semi precious stones and bead jewellery.

Our organization has been founded in 2016 and currently has one retail outlet in a mall at Gurgaon and also supplies products to various stores across India in cities such as Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

We also take part in exhibitions where we display a very unique collections. Currently we have a team of 4 designers who do the designing part for our jewellery, me being one of them  and the manufacturing for these are done by specially and differently privileged people.

We are currently at a growing stage and hopefully target to supply our products all across the globe. We are working hard towards an online platform.  Our official website is can even find us on Facebook:

Q4. There are so many companies in jewellery market. What is your strategy to differentiate your product and lead the competition?

A. Our specialty is one product one piece so that the owner of it has the privilege of wearing something unique which is rare to find anywhere else. Also we emphasize  a lot on the weight of the jewellery. We try to keep them as light as possible without any compromise on the design and look.

Q5. Lets talk about your college days @ ISBR. How did ISBR made a difference in your life?

A. ISBR has played a major role for my growth as it taught me how to fight with one’s own weakness and help me to be a strong individual.

I met some people at ISBR who can actually be termed as bffs (Best Friend Forever) or even more than that. The faculty was very supportive yet encouraging at the same time. A few speakers at the guest lectures were exceptionally good and very motivating. Altogether it was a very different, nice and encouraging atmosphere at the campus.

Q6. Would you like to share any memorable moment @ ISBR ?

A6. There were many. It is difficult to mention one. But if I had to choose it would be the ‘Samanvay 2014’ where we organised it for juniors and the theme was minions. It was worth an experience to see everyone from MBA and PGDM came together and shared their ideas and created it, executed it and displayed it   with so less time. Everyone forgot their sorrows and dealt with each other in a matured manner which resulted in a successful show.

Q7. What message you would like to give to your juniors?

A7. Definitely study but in the process don’t forget that you need to enjoy as well…It’s good to bunk classes at times.

Just follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy. Only then will your work be a passion and not a job.

 Sakshi, whole ISBR family is so proud of you and wishes that you keep inspiring us all ..!

International Guest Speakers @ ISBR B School


ISBR Business School has always strived to be a differentiator in the field of Education, by providing a platform where students get professionally groomed by Business Experts, thereby not just being confined to the book. In continuation to this Legacy, the International Guest Lecture Series for the students was organised on 15th February 2017. The aura of the Auditorium was filled with the Effervescence of the experience of distinguished speakers.

Mr. Rolf Foster Jorgensen is the President of Optimire Consulting and Training Inc. and has served as Independent Consultant and Professional Training Facilitator for 30+ years to various clients like IBM, Cisco and Chrysler, to name a few. He has recognised as the Top Facilitation Partner of the Year by Bi Worldwide. He has also earned several leadership recognition awards on projects with Chrysler, Navistar, Amoco and US Airways. He has also been the Instructional Design Lead for Online Sales and Customer Service Training with Ford, Volvo, Infiniti and Monaco Coach, etc.

In this Interactive Session, he laid emphasis on the various Consultative Roles required in any Job Title – Innovator, Problem Solver, Advisor, Change Agent and Artful Persuader. He focused on being a differentiator by thinking out of the box. He laid emphasis on the concept of SHARE – Speculative Hypothesize Analyse Reflect and Evaluate, by avoiding Manipulative Contractions, Leading Questions and Quickly Following an Open Question with a Closed Question.

Takeaway: In this Interactive Session, Students who aspire to become Managers gained an insight of the various Do’s and Don’ts to be followed during Job Interviews. They also learnt the art of diplomatically keeping the Window of Communication, Open. Students learnt how to match the expectations of the other person, thereby, making these skills as the Second Nature. The Question-Answer session cleared the fumes of Doubt from the minds of aspiring future managers.

Mr. Glenn Dietzel is an Internationally Recognized Thought Leader and Business Acceleration Strategist. Glenn has created a revolutionary business approach to creating, selling and scaling the value of an advice, quickly and easily. His high-velocity growth strategies are used by business leaders globally, thereby allowing them to command maximum fees and royalties. He has been recognized as the Best Speaker by Internet Austars in Brisbane, Australia. He’s also been awarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by The Winner’s Circle in 2011.

In his session, he focused on the 7 Secrets to move up the Ladder of Success. First secret he unravelled was ‘Return On Invested Time (ROIT)’, where the Goal is to create more time for the Company. Second, ‘Law Of Quantum Growth’, where the focus is being the Differentiator. Third, ‘Move from Goal Approach to Systems Approach’ by focusing on maximizing the output by focusing on the Input. Fourth, ‘Seams of Success’. Fifth secret is ‘Maximizing the Financial Power’ by looking at the problems of the company and taking steps to rectify it. Sixth secret being ‘Analyzing the advice which you give’ and seventh being ‘Staying Committed with Mentors for Business Acceleration’.

Takeaway: Students learnt the ways to unravel the Secrets of Success. To become an Expert, 10,000 Hour Rule is followed. However, students gained the Importance of these 7 Secrets and became self-aware regarding the same. This gave them an insight to cheat the 10,000 Hour Rule by Focusing on these 7 Secrets.

 Mr. Adrain Reid is a private trader, as well as the Founder and Trading Coach at Enlightened Stock Trading ( which is dedicated to educating and supporting traders on their journey to profitable systems trading. 

The goal is to help them achieve financial freedom and ideal lifestyle sooner by building their trading system which suits their objectives, personality and ideal lifestyle. He also offers substantial support on trading systems, coaching and education.

In this Interactive Session, he focused on the objective of making money faster. For this, he laid down 5 basic rules – Finding the Right Approach for the Lifestyle, Following the Rules, Managing the Risks, Making a Plan and Learning the Language. He made the students understand the importance of making money by quoting the lines of Warren Buffet:

  • Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money
  • Rule No. 2: Remember Rule No. 1

Takeaway: One of the Important factors to which Managers look for, is to Maximize the Profitability of the firm. Therefore, students learnt the ways of minting money faster so that their future would be in safer hands.

 All 3 Business Professionals made the entire Guest Lecture Series, fruitful and interesting. The sessions were then followed by an Interactive Question and Answer Session where students got their queries addressed. The series concluded with a list of key learnings and Vote of Thanks.

ISBR family looks forward to have more such International Guest Lecture series in the forthcoming days.


Guest Lecture by Mr. Chandrasekar Marur

ISBR Business School believes that the success of students lie in the way they are groomed and made Industry-ready. Further, second semester forms the base for the choice of a particular specialization. In continuation to this, ISBR welcomed Mr. Chandrasekar Marur on 10th February 2017 for a guest lecture on ‘YOU- The Brand’.

Mr. Marur has 30+ years of experience in grass root sales & distribution – expertise in consumer promotions, logistics, distribution, brand management & BTL activities. He loves teaching students through live case study rather than being confined to the four boundaries of the Book. Currently, he serves as the Director in MUSpace India Private Limited.

He conducted a lecture on ‘YOU- The Brand’ as an Ice-Breaking Session for PGDM 2nd semester (2016-18 Batch). The objective behind this was to break the fresher’s thought process. He made all the students realize the Importance of an Individual and the various requisites to become a successful person. He laid emphasis on having the right attitude in facing job Interviews through an Interactive session.

Takeaway: Students learnt the Importance of having the right attitude in the company. As aspiring future managers, students gained the first-hand knowledge about the toughness of Job Interviews and the various means to crack the Interviews.

This was followed by a quick Question-Answer Session by which students interacted with him to fill their inquisitive mind with thought-provoking ideas.

International Student Exchange Program at France – by Mr. SHARAN R

PGDM One sem in France experience @ ISBR

I started my journey at ISBR on 2015. I developed tremendous expectation about the international exchange (Erasmus) program. I travelled to GROUPE ESC TROYES, FRANCE for my third semester. The 5 months I spent over there was some of the most memorable days. The experience was unparalleled. I was part of Erasmus program among 200 other students who were from around 120 countries around the world. Germans, Spanish, Italians, Arabs, Polish, Russians and many more were part of the diversified crowd. The welcoming that Erasmus students received at the university was unexpected. Parties and programs were organized every day to make the new crowd get used to the new environment. From day one we were provided access to the college intranet through which all the details about the course, career, exams and much more were easily available. I had classes 2 – 3 days a week, starting from morning 8am till 7pm. Such long hours of sessions was little tiring but they have all sorts of recreation activities inside the campus to keep the students energetic till the end of the day. The ambience inside the campus generates lots of positive vibes. You can see students serving in the café, playing pool, table tennis, foosball, lying in bean bags and listening to music. Since the course was 2 days a week, the rest of the week was treated as a holiday. The best thing to do when you are an Erasmus in Europe is travel. I am happy that I have visited over 9 countries and 22 cities in a span of 5 months. Travelling around Europe is quite easy. The transport system is well connected to every nuke and corner of the city. FLIXBUS, OUIBUS, BLA BLA CAR, AIRBNB, these apps will come in handy for any traveller who looks to make the most out of Europe. The cost of living in France is high compared to India. Any accommodation ranging between 280-330euros per month would be a better choice. Restaurants are very expensive. Kebab shops, Pizzerie, Boulangerie are the most common places for eating food at a low price. It’s better to learn cooking. It can cut a lot of expenditure. Supermarkets like Carrefour, ALDI, LIDL, casino, ELeclerc are available where food can be purchased in a less price. A frozen pizza might cost around 60 cents to 1.30 euros. Winter started at France at the end of September. The temperature fell down drastically from 20 to 14degree Celsius in a day. As the month progress the severity of winter increases. The least temperature I experienced there was about -9degree Celsius. Long nights and short days makes people more lazy but irrespective of that we can see students attending the class exactly at 8am. Troyes is 180kms away from Paris, the city of love. Paris can be a weekend destination or even a retreat. If you are a football fan like me, Europe gives you much more joy. Ligue 1, La Liga, champions league match tickets are available throughout the year. I was lucky enough to watch 2 football matches in Parc Des Princes, in Paris and Camp Nou, in Barcelona. The memories are priceless. I was blessed with an opportunity to see The POPE on Christmas giving speech at Vatican City. Police verification and checking are vigorous across all boundaries, so carrying passport with valid visa is mandatory. Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Geneva, Rome, Barcelona, Nice, Paris, Budapest are some of the must visit places in Europe. Travelling teaches a lot. The exposure that an Erasmus student obtains is quite huge than you expect. Knowing and building good contacts with people from different parts of the world is an asset. You have a platform to learn multiple languages, cultures, behaviours and lifestyles. Getting an internship or part time job is easy if you can speak French fluently, else it’s difficult. It would take few days to adapt to the new culture. The culture shock experienced will be different to different people. It depends on how likely are you willing to adapt to European culture.

The 5 months I spent as an Erasmus has taught a lot of valuable lessons. I would recommend every student to take up this program since it is a golden opportunity to study and travel in Europe. I am positive that it will benefit me greatly in the years to come.

Mr. Sharan R

Mr. Sharan R is a student of PGDM ( 2015- 2017).

MBA in Finance Offering Diverse Career Opportunity

For those who wish to pursue a post graduate degree, Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most common career choices these days. The corporate sector is inclined to recruit fresh MBA graduates to their workforce and this is why considering an MBA could seem to be a good decision. The question still remains: Which discipline to choose for your MBA? Among all the available options, finance is one of the most popular specializations of MBA. Besides just being a “rich” stream, the finance discipline could also unlock the door for high paying jobs in banks and the financial sector.

For any core business company, finance forms a vital part in the processes and thus, there are huge career openings for MBA finance graduates. After obtaining a degree in finance, you could seek opportunities with financial institutions like banks, financial consultants and other firms. You can also select from a wide variety of career options like investment banking, international and corporate finance, merchant banking etc.

Apart from all these lucrative options, the basic and most important advantage for you is the fact that career fields related to finance offer a wide range of job opportunities in almost all industries and sectors of the economy. Considering the salary outlook, an MBA in finance has the chance to earn a quite decent pay as compared to the other competitive disciplines. Finance MBA degree holders are known to get highly placed with top companies worldwide. The starting salary range could be anywhere between 5-15 lakhs, which increases manifold as you climb up the ladder.

ISBR promises to give you the dream career you always wanted to have. With over 26 years of experience in quality management education in India, ISBR has an excellent faculty and infrastructures that help students develop their full potential. Not only this, but ISBR’s strong relationships with leading business organizations prove to be a big advantage for the students in terms of placements and job opportunities. By organizing regular industry interaction, pre-placement talks, organizational study etc., ISBR promises to help the students learn the technological advancements and corporate expectations from job seekers.

ISBR was awarded the Exemplary Placement Award by Discover Education and is ranked 6th best in placements by Go Getter B-School Placement Survey. The institute maintains cordial ties with top global recruiters like JP Morgan, Yes Bank, IBM, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, ICICI Bank, Birla Sun Life,CitiBank, Deutsche bank etc. ISBR’s expertise and global perspective is evident from the fact that they have delivered outstanding results in terms of academics and placements.

ISBR also offers one year PGDM program and executive MBA. This could only mean that you get a chance to extend your chances of pursuing an MBA according to your preferences. MBA finance from ISBR is one of the most prestigious degrees in the country, with the top recruiters preferring students from ISBR over other colleges and institutions. The course is offered at the Bangalore and Chennai campuses.

There is nothing better than getting trained under the best. With efforts to deliver best student experience, first class education and an amazing career support, ISBR is the perfect place to bring alive all your dreams. So, it is your chance to grab the best opportunity for your career and fulfill your dreams. Come, take a leap into the world of success with ISBR!

Business Management as a Prospective Career Choice for Engineers

Business management has emerged as one of the most sought after career options for engineers. Business management has been able to attract engineers on a massive scale that has also resulted in a growing population of ‘techno-managerial talent’. There are quite a few solid reasons behind this growth.

After his course, when an engineer lands up in the position of being a prospective employee for a company, he may realize that the job world isn’t something he is ready for. There could be more things to learn and explore before knowing for certain what he should be doing with his life.

Business management is the ideal choice for engineering graduates in these scenarios. The entire discipline of business management thrusts engineers into realbusiness situations or approximate simulations of those. Through a curriculum peppered with case studies, business plans and business analysis, an engineer sees multiple possibilities that can excite him. There are more challenges for his analytical mind and an even more exciting world of opportunities where he can find his life’s true calling.

An engineer may also be looking at more lucrative job offers. It is an established fact that management graduates generally get more sumptuous salary packages than engineers. From a purely capital gains perspective, it is in fact smart of an engineer to go for a business management degree and almost maximize the salary that can draw, fresh into the industry. It is, hence, not uncommon for an engineering and management graduate to bag salary packages that can seem almost incredible to an engineer who didn’t go for higher business management studies. Apart from the salary, a management graduate also has more operational freedom in the organization. This is because young technocrats are generally hired for very specific jobs with peculiar designations. On the other hand, management disciplines are more fluid and encompass different sciences and arts in their core. A management graduate is likely to get more avenues to explore before he can specialize in one. Such an approach helps an engineer to find his area of liking and expertise faster. Also, it is important to note that having an MBA/PGDM degree could ensure better job prospects and promotions.

A business management degree is a good investment for an entrepreneur. Some of the best startups today are found by engineers. While technical skills are indispensable for running the chosen field of business, management skills are needed to cement and accelerate growth. The exposure to the world of business, the networking, the B plan events, the analysis of failed businesses around the world, the study of business ethics all make a better entrepreneur out of the engineer.

At ISBR, you get the best options to go for your perfect business management degree. Having ranked 6th in Best Placements by Go Getter B-School Placement Survey, ISBR makes for a great place to invest your valuable years to get the best returns. The focus area for ISBR has always been on excellence and hence that has resulted in many awards as recognitions like the National Championship for Entrepreneur activities by the National Entrepreneur Network. The creamy layer of students that ISBR attracts also ensures that you, the engineer gets to network with the best of minds in the country. All this and much more make it an ideal launch-pad for your dreams.

Going Global with One Semester Study in FRANCE..!! – Experience shared by Ms. Pallavi Gupte

One Semester in France


I had taken up the PGDM One Semester Abroad program from ISBR to study in France. The semester began on 1st September, 2016 and ended on 31st January, 2017.

It was the morning of 25th August, 2016 when I landed in The Charles De Gaulle Airport at Paris. As opposed to my expectations the weather was pretty humid and all the jackets and sweaters I had worn seemed like wearing a fireball. I, along with 3 other classmates decided to explore the city of love before we went to our final destination, which led us to a small apartment (pre-booked by Airbnb) in the most happening streets of Notredame, Paris. The first day we slept through for 16 hours and visited the city one day after our arrival. We were amazed at the beauty of the museums, monuments, huge buildings and the breath-taking night view of The Eiffel Tower. This beautiful structure stood twinkling in front of me, making my heart pound in my chest. What a sight!

Talking about how amazing the touristic views in Paris were, I had completely forgotten to mention how I did not get food for 3 days being a vegetarian and being an Indian vegetarian did not help at all. Post 3 days we managed to find a falafel shop that served vegetarian kebabs wrapped in a roti with different sauces and salads. Luckily we had carried enough Indian spices to cook ourselves food for the next 5 months. We also further went on to discover an Indian Street at La Chappelle in Paris providing us Indian cuisine and spices for survival as French food usually consists of Salads and semi – cooked meat that does not appeal to a tongue that has been dipped in wonderful flavors all its life. To point out a few drawbacks of that – The rice is extremely sticky and thick, the choice of vegetables is limited to Brinjals, Cabbage and Cauliflower, the tomatoes and potatoes are sweet, the onions are small and white, the milk is heavy, so on and so forth.

Coming back to the day we arrived at Troyes, France to start our educational journey, we had a French student (Erasmus Buddy) to come pick us up from the train station and drop us off to our respective apartments we had registered on the college website. He helped us go through all the bits and pieces of the city before he left us to ourselves.

Next day we began our journey at Groupe ESC Troyes. We met our fellow international students that were a mix of Spanish, Mexicans, Germans, Moroccans, Russians, Turkish, French, etc. They were all a nice energetic bunch of students, many of whom became good friends with us a few weeks later. I had a Turkish roommate with me in my 2bhk fully furnished flat, she was short and sweet, less interactive and a hygiene freak. Living with her pushed me out of my comfort zone to make her feel homely as that’s how we have been brought up back at home. It was a new experience and a good one! We had a pleasant time together.

The teaching style was similar to the one in India but syllabus was a lot easier and the exam consisted only of case studies, multiple choice questions and presentations which made it a cake walk for us to crack. Nothing ever came out of portion. Subjects we had taken – International Marketing, Product Manager Functions, Brand and Community Management, Luxury Product Marketing, Luxury Tourism and Sales Management. In every class we felt a lot ahead of the rest and lectures were conducted only twice a week giving us the whole week free to explore different countries in Europe.

We started off with visiting the beautiful cities of Nice and Cannes along the south of France indulging ourselves in some sun and sand. Further, we visited Amsterdam, the city that literally lights up at night giving you so much to do. Then came, Belgium with its lustful chocolates and historic figures. Italy made me go on a shopping spree, having a huge variety of brands in scenic places. Germany seemed technical and boring but Prague was heart touchingly gorgeous and had the nicest people ever. Budapest is a dream especially for Indians as 1 rupee equals to 4 HUF, giving us more spending power in Hungary that had warm spring baths in the cold weather. Every place we visited had beautiful scenery but yet none of it felt like it could beat the wonders of India.

Post December the climate had gone down to -7 and we were curled up against our heaters at home unable to cope with the weather. We also had the pleasure to experience snowfall and it was wonderful experience in itself.

All in all it was a different experience; the culture shock gave us something new to learn and broadened our network internationally, giving us brighter future opportunities and a lifetime of amazing memories.

– Ms. Pallavi Gupte

Ms. Pallavi Gupte is currently pursuing  PGDM ( 2015-2017) at ISBR B School.

Remarkable insights from Mr. Jayadev who got placed in GE

ISBR Blog team interacted with Jayadev Mohapatra who is currently pursuing PGDM ( 2015- 17) at ISBR and got placed in General Electric ( GE) India. Here are the excerpts of his talks with us:

1. Tell us something about you?

Hi, I am Jayadev Mohapatra. I stayed in Delhi for 18 years and studied in Gyan Mandir Public School. I did my B tech (E & C) from KIIT, Bhubaneswar. My fathercurrently works as Director General, ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research). My mother is a home maker. My sister is doing Clinical Psychology. And my hobbies are playing football on the field as well as on a PC,playing my 13-year-old guitar and photography but please don’t stop me and pose for a picture, I am more of a nature and wildlife photographer.

2. How did you prepare yourself for the interview of GE?

I got good exposure about various systems and processes during my Internship. It was challenging but helpful to get practical aspect of what you study. Further academic sessions with faculty added the value to what I learnt during internship. Mentorship sessions under the guidance of my mentor Mr. Abbas Ali sir helped me to overcome stage fear and improved my presentation skills.

3. Special mention to any incident related to your interview?

I had the first round of interview with manager, Supply Chain at GE. It was a technical interview where i could answer most of the questions because of the experience gained during internship. There were questions like “should we go for automation in a process or not? Justification for the same. “It may seem like a sudden act towards you by the manager but the answer to it is a simple one. “

3. What learning’s from college has helped you to achieve this?

I cannot quantify. There has been a lot that I learnt from faculty and peers. Under Mentorship Program, I participated in ‘Start up Spirits’. I was nervous on stage and found that I had to improve. I worked more on my communication skills to get desired results.

4. Which two members of ISBR team would you like to mention who guided you?

I would be grateful to Prof. VV Rao for his insightful lectures. In fact, I will miss his lectures for which I will have regrets. Also I would like to thank my mentor Mr. Abbas Ali sir for his regular guidance and advice.

5. What is your advice to your colleagues and juniors?

“Take internship very seriously.” It’s the foundation. You may not get the privilege of regular employee as an intern and your roles would vary on daily basis. You will face different challenges on daily basis in not so familiar environment. You might be pushed to your limits like you are going to office as early as 7 am and comeback at 11pm. But you must always remember that to gain something you need to put your effort towards it. I still remember the words of my boss during internship who told me, “If you want a badge and regular access then work hard and if u come back here, I will get you everything.” So we have to keep ourselves motivated. Even if we do not join the company later, we will get good knowledge & experience as a stepping stone. So, u can say that everything starts with you taking your internship seriously. Work hard when in office, it’s alright if you want to party after it. Don’t let it hamper your productivity and efficiency. Good Luck.

6. Tips for the 1st year students on- “How to start preparing themselves from now itself”?

Relax! Take it easy.  Live your life a bit. Don’t get stuck into a daily routine of going to college and back to hostel/pg. Marks are not the only thing that you need to focus on. Experience different things, go to events and participate. Focus on your job in hand rather than being everywhere. Taking baby steps is fine but don’t be stagnated. Connecting to different people in industry is very important part of completing your MBA/PGDM. I met Mr. Sridharan, GE Electric. Meeting and connecting with helped me in understanding my core subject, RSCM, in the most rudimentary form by relating it to daily life. There have been more people with whom I got connected who in turn helped me in understanding about how the actual work gets differentiated depending on the industries. It helped me in understanding my proficiencies and I choose manufacturing industry. Don’t take tension as soon as you read this whole thing, opportunities are there, grab them. And enjoy as much as you can. Good Luck.