Gargi Roy ( ISBR Alumnus) – Presently with TATA Group

“My name is Gargi Roy, I saw lot of colleges when I was choosing for my higher studies i. e MBA, but I felt that this college will give me a higher exposure towards industry. Once I came here, I got to know I have made a right choice. I made lots of friends, I met wonderful faculty…. And of course I did made to TATA Family…. because of ISBR. I am working with them now and ISBR has given me lots of exposure that I was able to break through Tata Interview. The faculty are wonderful, they are very loving and apart from their knowledge, they share their personal experiences to fill the gap between practiceand theory. They are wonderful and they have become a lifelong friend. We love our library. I would say it has out of syllabus books also. I would give you one example called “The Argumentative Indian” by Amartya Sen, that one book still remains in my memory. I would say the library has added a lot of value. I had been shot listed to go IIM, Bangalore, for a dance event for the ICRA consortium (the brick consortium), again that was opportunity provided by ISBR. That would be my biggest achievement of the memory of the life time. I am working with TATA as Branch trainer; I train on process and product. ISBR would be a stepping stone for anything that would be ahead in life.”

Why you should choose ISBR Business school?

Do you wish to see yourself being a global leader? Gain a globally recognised qualification  from a top-ranked University? We at ISBR understand the value of empowering students with real-world experiences and the skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. Having 26 Years of excellence in top quality management education in India, we take pride in creating an atmosphere wherein both students and faculty can pursue boundless knowledge, under a single roof. At ISBR, theory and practice go hand in hand to present a better understanding of themselves and the world around. Education at ISBR prepares you to think boldly and act confidently in any business environment.

ISBR aims to prepare students for life – Making them a Leader.

ISBR Business School has 2 campuses located in Electronic City of Bangalore and Chennai.  Our Bangalore campus is situated in the heart of the technology hub of Electronic City which is one of the largest Industrial hubs that house over 300 companies. Each of our campuses has a distinctive atmosphere where the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation and friendly competition between every student. The strategic location of the Bangalore campus ensures that students get groomed before entering the corporate world to harness their skills and ability. Our academic Infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and intellectual Infrastructure have state-of-the-art facilities which are second to none.

Our Faculty

The ISBR faculty comprises of exceptional individuals with diverse profiles, who help our students to develop their full potential, bringing the best of worlds, in academics and industry.

Our Facilities

ISBR Business School provides a wealth of modern facilities for our students and our faculty. ISBR campuses have spacious air-conditioned classrooms, computer lab, library, auditorium, cafeteria, amphitheater and auditorium with newfangled facilities. Every classroom has its own audio-video teaching aids to facilitate better learning.

Industry Interaction

ISBR has strong relationships with leading business organizations to achieve strong, sustainable and mutually benefitting activities. We are committed to providing high-quality and value added activities such as regular industry interaction characterized by weekly guest lectures, industry visits, pre-placement talks, organizational study, workshops and projects undertaken by the students. Recently, we conducted Industry visits to Schneider Electric and CoCa Cola which helped students to learn the technological advancements, recent trends in the industry and corporate expectations from job seekers through their interaction with various company leaders. Students even worked for the world’s largest NGO Akshaya Patra and compiled a real-time case study which gave them good insights about managing the challenges of large organizations.

Diversity as a standard

 We offer a truly global, diverse and enriching experience to our students who aspire to create a meaningful change in their industry. ISBR is the perfect place to gain a truly international experience, preparing you to be an industry ready individual.

 Global Academic Partners

 ISBR’s global strategy aims to develop strong and effective International alliances. These alliances offer faculty and students with opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multi-disciplinary projects at a global level. ISBR works to prepare students more extensively and to think globally. Some of our International Academic partners are Kent Institute-Australia, University Of Dubai, Hochschule Hof- University Of Applied Sciences, Germany and France Business School.

Industry Tie-Up

 Few of the Industry Bodies & Professional Bodies associated with us are Assocham, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), National Human Resource Development (NHRD), The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) etc who helps students in gaining exposure to current industry trends; build strong networks, along with the best and latest in global management practices. Recently, students visited the Volvo India Plant for a project management session conducted by NHRD to equip students with current, relevant and industry-oriented activities. Students learnt various important skills like leadership, time management and networking skills which brings young professionals like them closer to the work ethics of the corporate world.


Awarded the Exemplary Placement Award by Discover Education, ISBR has an extraordinary reach of placing students in prime positions at the most prestigious companies in the world. We are ranked 6th Best in Placements by Go Getter B-School Placement survey. We provide exhaustive career counseling and guidance to the students which would take those leaps and bounds in their careers. We maintain a strong relationship with leading global recruiters such as JP Morgan, Aditya Birla,, Matrix cellular, Morgan Stanley, Reliance Communications, Yes Bank, Infosys, IBM, Toyota, Microsoft, Deloitte, Bank of Singapore, Dubai Metal and much more.

Awards & Accreditations

Our expertise and global perspective mean we teach programs that continue to deliver outstanding results. Our ranks and awards are a testament to our excellence that represents the true value of accredited MBA programs.

1. Ranked No. 1 New Generation B – Schools of India by DM B-School Survey.
2. Awarded Best B-School Campus Excellence Award (South India) by Discovery Education.
3. Ranked in India’s Best B-School by Dalal Street Journal for consecutive 5 years.
4. Awarded National Championship for Entrepreneur activities by National Entrepreneur Network.

From the inception, our focus has been on excellence. Our efforts deliver the best student experience, first class education and an exclusive career support which make us a unique institution. Our highly acclaimed programs will mould you into a confident and an industry ready individual.

Come; take the leap of success as we prepare you for leadership, excellence and success in the world of business. Be a proud ISBRian!

Appreciation Letter to Ms Serena ( PGDM- HR, (2013-15)) from her Company- JARO Education

Our Alumni makes us proud. Our alumnus, Ms Serena Fernandes ( PGDM – HR) joined JARO Education in September 2015. Her company writes an appreciation letter to us applauding her achievement at work and emphasizes on recruiting more students from ISBR in the coming years….
Thank you Serena Fernandes for achieving a mile stone. ISBR family is proud of you.


Visit to STPI ( Software Technology Parks of India)

Visit to STPI ( Software Technology Parks of India)

Visit to STPI ( Software Technology Parks of India)

On 15th November a group of around 20 students from PGDM 1st semester, visited Software Technology Parks of India located in Electronic city, Bangalore. The students geared themselves up for the industry visit and left for STPI( Software Technology parks Of India) at around 10:30 am.

Excitement rushed in the veins as soon they reached there and were completely amazed to look at their huge and wonderful infrastructure. A senior official from the STPI gave students a warm welcome and took them inside their control room where they briefed about their company and how it functions. They explained each and every detail about their company with proper visual aids. The control room contained several servers and critical technical setups.

Students asked several questions which were effectively and patiently answered by them. The STPI is a government company which provides required infrastructure and technical backup to the startup companies. The startups approach the STPI with their proper project and plans and in return they help the budding entrepreneurs by letting them operate from the STPI by simply installing their server there. This encouraged the students who have plans of becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

It was quite an interactive session between the students of ISBR and  the officials of STPI whereby the students got to enhance their knowledge. The students clicked the photos with the employees of STPI and later they were also served refreshments which they enjoyed. Over all the visit proved quite beneficial for the students and specially for the future entrepreneurs of ISBR.

Industrial Visit to KHMDL (Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Limited)

Industrial Visit to KHMDL

Industrial Visit to KHMDL

An Industrial visit was organized by ISBR B School on 15th Nov 2016 to Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Limited (KHMDL). It is an Electronics company specialized in design, development and manufacture of custom-built Hybrid Micro Circuits for aerospace, automotive and other high-reliability applications. It is also approved by ISRO for manufacturing space grade hybrid devices. They also have an approval from HAL for Avionics Assembly.

KHMDL was established in 1992 by three scientists with a new design of electronic regulators. The design and the raw material of these products were imported from Russia for Indian Defense and Satellite Communication purposes . They also manufacture regulators for ISRO.

Students met Mr M. Radhakrishna, Deputy Plant Head and Chief Quality officer with more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacture and quality assurance of Hybrid Microcircuits for automotive and aerospace applications. The company staff gave warm welcome to students. They explained each and every component and their manufacturing process in a very detailed manner.

Nearly 240 to 250 employees are working in company. All are trained from NTTI. The products were manufactured using micro printing. They also shared that they are planning to expand their business and increase their business turn over. Students were further informed that they created their Good Will in automobile sector, by supplying their regulators to all car companies in India. Their R&D Dept. ensures stringent Quality check of their products.

Students learnt some business techniques also from them. It’s a very great learning experience. Whoever has some business idea must visit KHMDL to get the know-how to run a business in a very successful way.

Industrial Visit – WIPRO

Industrial Visit - Wipro

Industrial Visit - Wipro

On Tuesday, 15th November, 2016 the students of ISBR had a great opportunity to visit the WIPRO campus located in electronic city, Bangalore. The visit was organized for all the 1st semester students (MBA and PGDM). The students were accompanied by the faculty Prof. V.B. Padmanabhan, Prof. Ratna Sinha and Asst. Prof. Yukti Kishore.

Right at the entrance gate each student and faculty were given a guest ID cards. The students were given the guidelines by the WIPRO personnel which they needed to follow during the visit.

The students attended an insightful session by Mr P.B. Kotur, General Manager- Talent Transformation, Wipro who has been associated with WIPRO since 14 years. He gave a brief idea of what and how exactly WIPRO works at ground level. Mr. Kotur was presented with a memento on behalf of ISBR fraternity. He spoke about how WIPRO sets itself apart from other companies in the same field. He even enlightened students with his crisp and clear knowledge about professionalism, management and various areas on which an aspiring manager needs to focus upon.

The session ended with questions being asked by the students to Mr. Kotur on various topics such as what exactly the recruiters of WIPRO look for in the candidates, how is the work culture and work environment in WIPRO and Mr. Kotur answered all the queries and questions from the students. He also asked them to stay connected with him through various social networking platforms.

This industrial visit was not just an industrial visit but was an experience for each student as they got to know about such a big IT company and how exactly it works and what are the expectations of the industry from the new recruits. The visit ended with a photo session at the amphitheater of the WIPRO campus.

Visit to Securities And Exchange Board Of India ( SEBI)

On 27th October 2016, Management had organized an industrial visit for 33 students of 3rd semester (MBA and PGDM).We were accompanied by faculty Prof .Dr. V.B.  Padmanabhan. The visit was to THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (SEBI), Bangalore.

The visit started in the early hours of a working day by bus. All the students were so excited to go to SEBI and prepared questions.

It was an enlightening session at SEBI. Mr. Krishna Murthy briefed the students about investing at their young age. The significance is made on expenditure which has to be kept apart for saving.

Students got exposed to how capital market work in India and SEBI role in regulating and developing them. There major focus is on safe guarding investor.

He gave a brief idea about opening a Demat Account and vast revolution from outcry system to on-screen. He also introduced about ASBA (applications supported by blocked amount) which is a process developed by the India’s stock market regulator SEBI for applying to IPO.

In ASBA, an IPO applicants account doesn’t get debited until shares are allotted to the customers/investors.

It was a great learning experience for students as they look forward to implement the lesson learnt in their professional life.


Mentorship Challenge III- Startup Spirits

Mentorship Challenge III- Startup Spirits

It is the age of entrepreneurs and youngsters are not satisfied with a 9 to 5 job. They want to do big, reach the distant stars and not be limited. The earnings have taken a backseat and they focus more on ideas and innovations, money surely follows as a by-product.

ISBR students are no different and keeping this in mind on 6th November 2016, ISBR organized an event “Startup Spirits”. This was the third “Mentorship Challenge” which was definitely the most exciting for all the students who attended the event and participated with high anticipation. This event has been a success as in previous challenge (Start Up spirits) students from ISBR were rewarded for their start up ideas and one such idea ‘Bake My Wish’ ( is currently a successful startup with funds from the judges.

There were 21 teams from both PGDM and MBA. Three teams from each mentorship group presented on three categories (viz. Successful Innovative Startup, Failed Startup and The Next Big Idea). The esteemed panel of judges included  Mr. M C Abbas (Chairman, Cincinnati International), Mr. Prabakar (Director, Mumbai Stock Exchange), H R Krishna Moorthy (AGM, SEBI), C V Ramanan (Ladder Consultancy-Founder & CEO), Arya Rajesh Kumar (CII-YI – Fomax Co-Chair & Founder), Sanjeev Sukumaran (Sherpify-Founder & CEO), Kaplana Srilalitha (Prabhakaran- DATAkue-Co-Founder), Susmita Dutta (Faircent-National Head- Lending Faircent), Akash Chander (Strengthscape-Principal Coach & Assessment Expert) and Aslam Hirani (Edtech Startup and Agile Coach-Founder & CEO). Our Sponsorship Companies included Abhayahasta Multi-Specialty hospital – Dr. Aparna Baliga, DNI Home Theater- Mr. Alex and Rhodium Power- Mr Salman.

The winners of the event were team Wabi Sabi (Next Big Idea) and team Nebula (Failed Startup) and team Xanthrons ( Successful Innovative start up).

The entire event was a grand success as there were healthy discussions between the esteemed judges and the aspiring students. Mr. MC Abbas even guided the students on how to present well by giving insights about TedX talks. Overall it was an event to cherish and a huge success.

Green Diwali Campaign at ISBR

Green Diwali Campaign

Green Diwali Campaign at ISBR


Diwali is the festival of lights, new hopes and prosperity. ISBR celebrated the day in a different way than usual. When everybody was busy bursting crackers and disturbing the ecosystem, we decided to opt for a green Diwali and make a small contribution towards less pollution and less noisy environment. Our faculty and students shared their views on the concept- ‘Green Diwali’.

 They poured their heart out on the white board kept at the amphitheater for this purpose. They showcased their writing talents and expressed the thoughts on how they can glow the world around by the light of knowledge and wisdom and not by crackers. Few of the messages worth share are: 

  • Go Green to Breathe clean.
  • Let this Diwali burn all your bad times and enter into good times.
  • This Diwali only Diyas, No firecrackers.
  • Smile is loud and attractive than crackers, lets cherish only smiles and happiness this Diwali.
  • Take a pledge to celebrate this Diwali , A Green Diwali.
  • This Diwali burn your greed and self indulgence, not crackers. Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali & Spread Happiness.

 Our Senior Director, Dr K S Anandram, in his video message emphasised on the need to maintain the balance of eco system and celebrate Green Diwali this time.