Post Budget Analysis 2016 @ World Trade Center, Bangalore

ISBR students accompanied by Professor Shailesh V. Karadi had a splendid opportunity to march forward to the World Trade Center, Bangalore for the conference on Indian Post-Budget Analysis 2016 on 2nd  March . The event was conducted by the Indo-Italian chamber and the World Trade Center. Students  were educated about the budget by Mr.Rakesh Mishra , Mr.Sriram Ramasamy and Mr.Keyur Y Shah. The key topics discussed were change in tax rates, Make in India, Tax litigation and Dispute resolution, BEPS (CbCR), phasing out of incentives and deduction, widening of tax base, financial sector reforms, ease of doing business and other significant announcements and changes. Mr.Manish Kothari ,Managing Director ISBR, was also recognized for his indeed presence. Dr C Manohar and Mr.Abbas Ali also accompanied the students for the event. After the thought provoking conference, students traveled from the WTC to college in bus glazing through the streets of Bangalore. The students were extremely happy. They expressed their desire to attend such more enlightening events in coming times.

Amegha 2016


AMEGHA 2016 was organised at ISBR on 20 February 2016. It was a business oriented event to give students a platform to learn and experience business first hand.
The day started with lots of games, food stalls, movie made by ISBRians & music on demand. Students invested in their stalls and got to understand the working of business by experience.
The event was judged by MD Mr Manish Kothari, Senior Director Dr. Anandram, Dean Dr. C. Manohar and ISBR alumni. Swad Gujarat ka stall won for innovation, Momos stall for taste and North Indian Delights for design.
The big attraction of the day was the launch of Harley Davidson bike that mesmerised the young crowd.


The Buddy Project 2016

The Buddy Project was conducted at ISBR campus on 18 and 19 February’16. The campus area was converted into a Buddy Island decorated with standees of Tom & Jerry, Aladdin & Jasmine, Spiderman & Jane.
Various buddies participated and their friendship was put to test. Friendship was celebrated with buddies who underwent various rounds of being mirror image of your buddy, balloon race, dance with your buddy, Lemon spoon race, and buddy chair round. Digvijay & Ankita won the title “The Best Buddies 2016-17”

These activities helped students to be quick thinker and came out as a winner in given situation. Not only the participants but the spectators also enjoyed and learnt through various activities.