“SAMANVAY 2015”, the most anticipated event of ISBR, an event that describes harmony and coordination. It is the Annual Intra College Fest of ISBR which was celebrated from 23rd of March to 28th of March, 2015. The theme was “MINIONS” which are known for their witty nature. All the 11 clubs of ISBR came together to organize this event.

It was an event full of twists, turns and surprises. It tested the participants not only on the EQ and IQ skills but also on the interpersonal skills.

The event initially started with inter-class elimination round where one group consisted of five participants from each class. An event without a twist is not a protocol of ISBR and hence these groups were further divided into five teams where each group had participants from each class. The motive of doing this was to get the participants out of their comfort zone and interact and coordinate with members they were not familiar with.

Teams went through different competition like dance competition, treasure hunt, Banana operation, spell bees and many more. It tested out the physical and mental limits of participants as well as the supporters. The intensity of the competition was so high and nail biting that even supporters came forward to help out their group in mass. 

The event ended with the announcement of the results of the “Best Team” and with a hope to make this event a grand success in the coming years.


ISBR Bangalore, often organizes events to groom its students for corporate exposure. This time, it was a Just a Minute session by Prof. Madhusmriti, where students were asked to speak on topics given to them on spot. The topics were mainly related to their field of specialization. They most debated topics were stock exchange, Sensex, workforce diversity balance, ethics at workplace etc.

The event started off well with all the students showing enthusiasm and active participation in the event. Each and every student was given fair chance to come up on stage and speak on the given topic for a minute. This helped the audience as well to learn and gain knowledge from what all they were delivering through their speech.

The event ended with Sayani Basu and Pankaj Makhwana at the first position, Suyash at the second position and Remya R Pillai at the third position. The active participations showed that students do enjoy such events and are looking forward to more such like this.


Mr. David Heyman, former Asst. Sec for policy at U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and retired software engineer and Andie De Arment, visited ISBR on the 19th of March 2015 for a “Session on Cybersecurity and Internet of things” the event was conducted in association with Indo – American Chamber of Commerce.

During this session Mr.David Heyman discussed about the development of internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data and about the extraordinary potential of the Internet of Things but as every invention has a negative aspect attached to it he told about the negative aspect of Internet of things.

Everything that can be connected to the Internet can be hacked this is where cyber security plays a vital role. He also told about the barriers to their adoption, and how governments and businesses can navigate this new frontier, work together, and re-imagine and transform cities-and nations for tomorrow.

It was an interactive session where we had guests from other organizations as well to make the session more interesting and inspiring.