HR Club organized a workshop on Resume Writing on 23rd Feb 2015.

It was conducted by Prof. Preeja Sridhar.

As preparing a resume is the first step in securing an internship or a job, the workshop included: Basic resume writing skills, Formatting tricks, restructuring resumes, what employers look for?, how to use basic resume etiquette.

“MILAAP” An amalgamation of fun and power.

A platform where people from different cast, creed, culture, nationality, come together as a team to put up an enthralling performance is what we call the “MILAAP”.

On the 20th & 21st of February, 2015 ISBR witnessed its Annual Sports Meet.

It was a two day event with both indoor and outdoor activities like chess, carom, relay, race, cricket tournaments, volleyball, football & tug of war.

The event began in the early hours of 20th February with hundred meters race followed by a women’s volleyball tournament. The day was marked by many indelible moments.

The next or the last day was equally remarkable with a nerve wrecking cricket and volleyball match. The continuous support and encouragement from a huge audience yelling on top of their voice and supporting their team mates was like an energy booster for all the players on and off the ground.

In today’s world when we speak about women empowerment ISBR gave the perfect example of this where girls belonging to first & second year PGDM/MBA not only participated in large number in all the tournaments but also won victory in many of them.

As said by Paul “Bear” Bryant- “It’s not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

A preparation of several months and days by a dedicated team of teachers and students of ISBR to make this event a success is something commendable and goes unsaid and never the less the enthusiastic supporters who made this event to be a true amalgamation of fun and power requires special acknowledgement.




An Intra batch competition was held at ISBR Bangalore between the MBA batches organized by Prof. Madhusmriti. The topic given to them was “Reason for failure of Kiran Bedi and Success of Arvind Kejriwal.”

While batch A stood in favour for “Kiran Bedi”, Batch B on the other hand was in favour for “Arvind kejiriwal”. It had been a very interactive session, where all the speakers spoke too well after much of research work done on these two personalities. Information was passed down to the audience which probably have helped them a lot in gaining knowledge on political grounds.

The debate went well allowing every speaker equal opportunity to put forth their thoughts and ideas.

Students of MBA-A “Pankaj Makhwana” & “Ankit Singh” were the winners of the debate competition. Students are highly motivated and benefitted by programs like these, which help them to think rationally and brainstorm well.



The students of ISBR visited SANSERA Engg which specilaizes in precision tool manufacturing .It was great experience where we could see the entire process  of how precion tools used in aircrafts, automobiles etc are manufactured

Sansera Engineering division offers end-to-end solution for customers, right from the preliminary stage to the finished product. Our Engineering team is well trained & skilled to ensure that parts produced meets customer standards. Comprising of vast manufacturing infrastructure, we have the expertise and strength in developing several type of Precision Engine component on the basis of customer drawing or sample.

  • Unigraphics for 3D modeling and tool path generation
  • Autodesk Inventor for Machine design.
  • AutoCAD/Inventor for tool fixture design and 2D drafting.
  • Q-form analysis for Forging process flow simulation, analysis and optimization.
  • Wrench- Enterprise for Technical documents, and project management.

 this was a memorable visit


Some of you are wondering what the Buddies Project is. Is it a weird science experiment? Is it a project for anti-social people to make friends? Is it a dating service? All these questions for a very unique concept. Yet this event or competition has a lot to do with Valentine’s Day and the various themes and concepts associated with Valentine’s Day.

             Valentine’s Day is known as a day of showing and expressing love. It can be a boy telling a girl his romantic feelings, a brother showing his sibling affections to his brother or sister, or a friend showing appreciation to another friend. ISBR celebrates this every year and every year is very unique. This year, the Cultural Club came up with something unique called The Buddies Project. It is a 3 day competition among the ISBR crowd where they pair up with another person and compete in various activities regarding this.

             All were invited on the first day for pairs of each to wear the same colour dress. A lot of the students dressed the same colour as their respective partners. At the end of the day, they all converged at the amphitheatre where the photographer took photos of the various pairs wearing the same coloured clothes. After that photo session, one of the members from the Cultural Club asked the pairs what their favourite colour was. For the next day, they had to wear their respective partner’s favourite colour.

             This was the task for the pairs on the second day. As usual, the pairs wore their partner’s favourite colour and once again converged on the amphitheatre for the photo session.

             The 3rd and final day was a day that was filled with fun and various activities. The first activity was face painting of the various partners. It was fun seeing the creative side of both the pairs. The next activity was that they had to make a gift out of newspaper for their respective partner. Again, it was cool to see the partners showcasing what can be done with a newspaper. After that, the final thing which occurred was a ceremony where a lot of cultural activities took place. It was a night to remember.

             First, there was a ramp walk for all the pairs to introduce themselves and to showcase themselves. The next was an activity where 5 boy volunteers were called up and they had to bring 5 girl volunteers along with them. The task was that the girls had to insert a thread into a needle and the boys had to stitch a pattern on them. The next activity, again, involved calling 5 male volunteers along with 5 female volunteers and they had to cut up individual pieces of paper and they had to put on the ground. The girl had to put one foot on the paper and the boy had to put another piece of paper on the ground so that she can put her second leg on the paper. It was creating a path of paper for the girl and whoever got there first was the winner. They named this event to be the queen’s foot after that, there was a question and answer session for the pairs answering various questions about their partners. Along with those activities, there was singing done by Jerlin and Moonmoon, dancing done by Dharti and group, and various other activities. Then finally, there was DJ Nights where everybody shaked a leg and danced till the night was done. Overall, it was a good experience for the pairs where friendships were strengthened and new friendships were


In today’s job market, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree can be the first step to a successful career. However, many employers look for students who have held internships or co-ops during their collegiate experience because employers understand the value they bring. Below are 3 reasons why internships are so important for today’s college student.

  1. Internships can help students identify career paths- Internships allow students to see whether or not a career fits with their passion and interest. Sometimes the internship will foster the conclusion that the chosen career path is not what they had expected. However, in many cases, it can lead to a greater understanding of the field and assist with the development of skills marketable for their chosen career path.
  2. Competition is high- In a global job market, competition can be quite steep, so obtaining a real world work experience such as an internship or coop can allow a student to become a more qualified candidate.
  3. Internships can build connections within a career field- Through interning students can build their professional network which can be invaluable in today’s job search. When starting a job search, it’s important to know that 80% of jobs are found through networking. In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2008 Experiential Education Survey, employers reported hiring 70% of their interns.

we had been elaborated on these by Mr.Mohit