Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Teamwork, coordination, togetherness is the theme of our Intra college Event SAMANVAY 14, where 11 clubs at ISBR work in unison to organise a grand event where four teams compete against each other over a series of different games, quizzes, role plays and a lot more,to win the glorious title of the best team.

The event started with inter class elimination rounds on the 26th and 27th of Marchwhere four team were selected to compete against each other in the finale rounds to be held on the 29th of March 2014.

The real fun begins now.  It’s now important for the finalists to gain the maximum number of supporter, who will also be majorly involved in winning points for its supporting team. This event will test the strength, support, unity, knowledge and passion of these four teams in order to win and to be awarded as the winner. The qualifiers are going to love what we have in store for them on the big day. It’s time to bring out the fire burning inside you and give it what it takes to be the best…


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“The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather does on weather forecasters.”

-Jean-Paul Kauffmann


There is always something interesting in store for us ISBRIans. We are always looking for a way to push ourselves to be better and ready for the industry. On this note the Finance club members at ISBR organised an event on 24th of March 2014 called CONCURSO FINANZAS, which in literal sense means financial quiz. This event witnessed huge participation of our own financial enthusiasts here at ISBR, who were tested on their level of financial knowledge and abilities over a series of rounds and eliminations. The event started with 17 teams competing against each otherand were judged not only on their technical proficiency but also their knowledge on the economics and general awareness.

The audience present to witness the event played a major role in making this event a grand success. Their encouragement, enthusiasm and support was undeniably the highlight of the event.

Any event for that matter is incomplete without a mix of entertainment we also had severalsinging and dance performances in between rounds to keep the crowd pepped upand the Host of the evening, Prof.Sailesh.V.Karadi wonderfully involved the crowd to keep them boosted up and motivated throughout the evening.

The competition was extremely challenging and after several rounds and tie breakers top 3 teams were awarded as winners of the event. It was a delight to see this kind of participation and enthusiasm amongst the student and would love to see this level of energy and excitement for many more events to come.




Holi is the festival of colours, fun and frolic is celebrated by millions of people in the Indian subcontinent to welcome the spring.The Faculty, staff and students of ISBR enjoyed the blissful festival of colors.”Holi”  which was celebrated at the college campus by the students . The event started with students dancing to the 90’s Bollywood hit songs. The highlight of the event was the enthusiasm and strategic attempts by the students to make a stable human pyramid to break the Matki. The zeal and energy level among all was not less than that of Lord Krishna trying to break and steal the curd stored in the Matki.All these festivals provide a break to busy schedule of students full of assignments, quizzes and projects. Moreover, they provide a fun time and freshens their moods for a new beginning. These happy festival times will always be remembered and will be unforgettable moments in students life.

Global Folk Fest – 2014

It gives us immense pleasure to represent our college in a global folk fest held at town hall, Bangalore. There were around 8 to 10 colleges which participated in the fest, two of them being AIMS and OXFORD college. The participants categorized themselves into the following-

  • Group folk dance
  • Group folk song
  • Fashion show

We, “PUNJABI KUDIYAN” Of ISBR business school secured the 1st position in group folk dance. We were praised on the basis of best performance and best attire award.

Punjabi Kudiyan:-

# Vishakha harjai  # Priyanka sharma  # Garima bhatt  # Roma v sharma  # Neha jain

Valentine’s Day

Students of ISBR came together and celebrated Valentine ’s Day in their own special way.  The students were in a jubilant mood and turned up in large numbers in their colorful best .The event was named as “ARMASTUS” which in Estonian means “ LOVE”. The cultural club along with the Emcee’s  AbhishekSawant and Sreeja Chandran entertained the students with several cultural programs and game shows through the event. The day started with bay decoration by students and was followed by the various singing and dance performances by the students. The other attractions included activities like paper dance, balloon dance and buzz your brain which set the ball rolling for the fun filled celebration.

 Professors also participated with equal enthusiasm and gave the students a run for their money.  The centre of attraction of this event were the decorations conceptualized by Pragati Ray and Tijo Chacko along with the jukebox dedications where students dedicated songs for each other and celebrated valentine’s day in its true spirit. The students also participated in the fascinating ramp walk where the theme was Dress to Impress. PriyaNimbalkar was the winner for the fashion show organized at the event.  Naveen Natarajan won the online competition for maximum likes on his quote on Armastus page of facebook which stated “ Love makes life Beautiful  — Mom I thought you are the beautiful woman in the world but she came to overtake you “ . Swetha Singh and Sakshi Maheshwari won the twins competition where they were judged by the panel for wearing similar outfits with matching accessories. The event ended with an open dance floor where the students grooved to the music and danced to the last beat.

Women’s Day

All the students at ISBR joined together on 8TH March 2014 to celebrate International Women’s Day. The hosts HaleemaSabeen and Sakshi inaugurated with a wonderful quote “Educate a woman and an entire generation is educated“this quote celebrated the true spirit of being a woman. Various events marked the International Women’s Day celebrations.  On this occasion of women’s day a special song “Hey woman, we love the girl in you” which is an ode to spirit of womanhood was played which inspired all the students present as it was a catchy melody which serves as a reminder for every woman who has played the role of a mother, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law or friend and in the process has forgotten the little girl that she essentially is.

The professors were invited as the chief guests of the event and were felicitated by the students. An interesting quiz was conducted for the professors to highlight their individuality. Students were inspired to be a woman of substance, woman of power and a woman of positive influence.  The students of ISBR also flaunted their ethnic avatars at the event. Not only had the students, the teachers also come all decked-up for the occasion and the best part was the teachers walking the ramp along with the students.  Ashwini Sharma was selected as the best dressed student for the event. The event concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony and a group photograph was taken to capture the wonderful moments with all the students.