The amphitheatre of ISBR never looked better when Megamart and Indigo 91.9 FM came calling to our campus. Lots of color, fun and crazy shout-outs by the students of ISBR and BET kept the tempo going.

Rock the Campus by Megamart is an ongoing campus show to make college life more trendy and happening with their new apparel range. The show started off with an introduction of the host of the day RJ Sriram Sullia of Indigo 91.9FM by Rashi Sharma.

Sriram then took over the show and started the ball rolling with the game called the ‘Battle of the Sexes’, followed by ‘Dance Off’ and ‘Dress up the Mannequin’. The games were thoroughly enjoyed by the students in the cloud cast afternoon of Bangalore rainy season.

All in all an afternoon well spent and to be remembered for a long time to come. Special thanks to two students of  ISBR Ernest Abraham and Udit Gonnade for setting up a spectacular show.


Visit to GE India Industrial Private Limited

The visit to the GE India campus on 10th June’ 13, was a great experience in terms of learning the concepts of Lean Management & Lean principles. The session was addressed by Mr. P. Sritharan, the Lean Leader and Talent Development Program Manager at GE. The concept of Lean Management was explained in the context of process improvements & the way the concept has brought in a difference & helped GE in achieving process excellence & also in improving the productivity at the site. The session was followed by a visit to the site where the components were manufactured. The site visit was an exposure for the students to understand the modern techniques used in the manufacturing. The site visit also brought in an understanding of the various management concepts (HR, Operations, Materials & Operations Management, etc). The visit was followed by a Q&A session by Mr. Sritharan where he addressed the queries raised by the students.

Visit to Bangalore Stock Market Institute

  • Addressed by Mr. Kishore a senior veteran employee working in the field of Stock Market for past many years.
  • Gave a brief summary of The Indian Stock Market consisting of a total of 22 Stock Exchanges at the present with the most recent one being set-up  MCX-SX. Also talked about its regulatory body SEBI acting as a cat-eye to the entire Stock Market.
  • Gave an outlay of the chances i.e. the risk of winning or losing in a Stock Market as an investor. For, out of about a total of 8000 companies altogether chances of winning could possibly be 1/8000=0.000125
  • Pointed on some important  steps required to identify the companies to invest upon:
  1. Infrastructure Analysis
  2. Company Analysis
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Ratio Analysis
  5. Director’s Report
  • Besides these also to look at the “Fundamental and Technical Analysis” by an investor to determine the best time as when or when not to invest on a stock.
  • Listed few Companies that have a stable flair in the Stock Market and low risk to invest upon as:-
  1. Deltacarp
  2. Bajaj
  4. ITC
  5. UB Group
  6. Britannia
  7. Shubh Jewellers
  8. Yes Bank

Finally it ended up with a very lively activity where four of us including me were chosen to act as brokers of Individual Companies listed under the Stock Market hived by a large number of investors (rest of the students) who were to sell and buy shares with respect to change in prices and so on & so forth. Actually the whole framework of this activity was to practically drop us into a field of the Real Stock Market.

Lively session, smartly addressed and something genuine to grab upon.