Microsoft -Visit

The  very name  Microsoft made our jaws to to remain open for a long time, the trip was scheduled in the evening was extremely useful and productive.The insights that were provided by their HR r regarding Where the MBA’s fit in microsoft was quite an eye opener.They explained how microsft had become a process driven company,their new products , how they are conceived ,developed and marketed,the role R&D etc.The visit was really something that we would remember for a life time.

National Conference on “Developing Entrepreneurial Managers through Management Education- Curricula to Careers.”

“International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore had organized a one-day National Conference on “Developing Entrepreneurial Managers through Management Education- Curricula to Careers.” on `December 15th, 2012.

The objectives was to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit among the Managers & to explore different ways, methods, approaches to achieve it .

The event had seen lot of deliberations from experts from both the academia and the industry. It was an intellectual  forum with stalwarts sharing their knowledge, experiences in the field of entreprenuership.

The students of ISBR had participated in this enriching conference as it was an experiential learning for them.


NIPM – KC launched “Women’s Forum” and followed it by Lecture program on “Diversity and Inclusion a Passing fad or Long Term Strategy” on 11th December 12 at Woodland’s Hotel , Bangalore by esteemed speaker Saundarya Rajan founder- president of AVATAR career and FLEXI creators, and MBA from Central University Pondicherry and Gold Medalist in English Literature from Madras University.

Saundarya Rajan emphasized on three very important points in her talk, the diversity of people especially women working in the corporate workplace, their acceptability and inclusion in their workplace and whether this strategy in the corporate is here to stay or not.

She spoke about the changing career choices that women face when they take a break from work due to personal reasons. Some corporate take women back but not at the same post they were at. It’s time that HR of corporate’s understand the need of a break that women take while working and giving them the same status once they are back. This was the highlight of Saundarya Rajan’s talk.

A very ‘need of the hour’ topic that was extremely well accepted by students, working men and women alike which was followed by question answer round.


The moment we landed in Parle the very smell of Biscuits had taken off all the tiredness of the travel, we were greeted by the HR Ms.Kalpana and were escorted to the Parle auditorium where we were shown a good video of their entire product line for abour 30 minutes.After that we had a trip of the entire plant where we observed the production of Krack Jack from dough mixing to baking and finally to packaging. Their process is highly automatic with least involvement of manual labour, they have the state of the art ovens which includes a radio wave oven as well where the baking is done. The entire process is quality checked at random every half an hour.We learnt about their manufacturing process their different product lines, packaging and distribution. over all the trip was wonderful and it ended with sweet memories as we were erved with the Parle Candies.