SAP TECHNIVERSITY


An event was organized by SAP labs on November 26, 2012 at KTPO, Bangalore. We, the first year MBA student of ISBR were invited to attend India’s largest technology youth event, SAP Techniversity. It was a gesture of organisers to conduct such event.


We left our college premises by 8 am and reached the SAP organization at 10 am, as the transportation facility was provided from our college. The MBA students was accompanied by our principal Dr. Bobby Jacob Varghese and professor Sanjay who guide us during the registration  and check in.


At the event, we came across eminent people like VISHWANATHAN ANAND, SURESH RAINA, ANKIT FADIA and many more.


The event started at 9.15am where V.R.Firoz, MD, SAP labs India, addressed the gathering. An inspiring keynote was addressed by the world chess champion, the king of chequered board, India’s first grand master VISHWANATHAN ANAND. His key interests included the current affairs, world business and astronomy. The session started at 9.35 am and ended at 10.35 am.


The second program was called Bandwidth, where 3 teams had to perform a rock band to win the rock concert. Each team was provided 15 minutes to perform. The first team performed from 10.35 am to 10.45am. They turned up the volume at the year’s most extravagant technical event.


At 10.45am, Mekin Maheshwari, President, engineering ,, the leading online retail store in India. Spoke regarding the change in buying behavior of Indians online. The session ended at 11.15am. After the session on E-Commerce, there was a tea break which was then followed by Bandwidth program where team 2 performed till 11.35 am.


K Srikrishna, NEN and Luisa Delgado, SAP inaugurated National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) AT 11.35 am. At 11.50 am, panel discussion on entrepreneurship by PhanidraSama, the founder and CEO of, India’s largest bus ticketing company, BhaskarSubramaniam the co- founder of Amagi Media Labs, AmrinderSingh ,the Director Operations ,CIO Association of India and Open Coffee Club,Bangalore.The discussion ended at 12.20p.m


After the panel discussion it was the turn of team 3 to perform the rock band , were thousands of students joined hands together in sharing the future rockstars.


It was the time for an hacker to steal the show. A session on ethical hacking by Ankit Fadia, the Ethical hacker and computer security expert.Ankit had written a bestseller on cyber security the unofficial guide to ethical hacking before he was in 10th standard .He was called upon to crack a code sent by one of Osama Bin Laden’s followers when he was seventeen .This interesting session ended at 1.00pm which was for 30 minutes.


Had a lunch break for 45min which had a variety of cuisine organized by the SAP organizers for more than 5000 students from different B-schools which included IBMR,XIMS.


Dr.JeffreyWord ,global SAP HANA evangelist and author of SAP HANA essentials made us to understand the revolutionary new in-memory technology which will leave all other database ideas behind.It was the session on Big data that started at 2.00pm and ended at 2.30pm.


Had a session on mobility by Sunil Rao,the country head of outreach programs at Google and is responsible for designing programs to grow the local internet ecosystem by supporting business,IT professionals ,educational organisations ,start-ups and developers .The session was for half an hour and ended at 3.00pm.


Another panel discussion on career enhancement was discussed by Anil Warrier ,Sreenivasa Rao who are the Global Head of university hiring at SAP AG and the Vice-President of Recruitment ,Capgemni India respectively.The discussion got over at 3.30pm.


The only Indian Cricketer who has scored centuries in all 3 forms of games,the man who broke into the Indian team by the dint of hardwork and determination ,the best person to talk about the power of planning and the need to overcome obstacles to build a carrer was here in the event for about 1 hour to share his experience in the field of cricket.Yes,it was Suresh Raina ,the mainstay of indian lower-middle order in 1day international ,twenty-twenty matches.The chat show with Suresh Raina thrilled the youth crowd.


After an interesting conversation with Suresh Raina,it was the time for the students to know about the cloud computing which was addressed by AmolMahamuni from IBM.It started at 4.30 pm ended at 5 pm.


Since ,we had to travel back to our college premises ,we the MBA students of ISBR B-school were asked to collect the certificate of Participation from the event co-ordinators.


A token of appreciation was presented to each of the speakers on behalf of the SAP labs.


As the time was running out ,we could not attend the session on social media and the digital magic show by Simon Pierro.


At 7.30 pm,we reached the college premises .At the end of the day ,each business student learnt sufficiently to conduct themselves  well in the society based on the experiences shared by the eminent speakers in the event.


We,the 1st year MBA students thank our college management,Mr.Manish Kothari ,Director ,Beloved Principal Dr.Bobby Jacob Varghese and Professor Shailesh MBA Co-ordinator  and Proffesor Sanjay for giving us an opportunity to attend the great technology youth event.We will be happy if such events are organized ,invited and acknowledged by our college management .We wish such events are ahead during our learning in this institution.




Connexion is a very auspicious event for ISBR, Bangalore. It helps us, the Indian students, to build our connections with the western counterpart. It is simply a way to increase our network with the world out there.

17 Nov 2012: The students of Santanna University from Italy visited our Campus. It was a very exciting and significant day for our institute. We the student of ISBR, Bangalore welcomed them in an Indian traditional way – with Arti and presenting flowers. The overwhelmed bunch of Italian students headed to the canteen accompanied by their respective Buddies for a light Snack. The Event started with the lighting of lamps by the Dignitaries and the Italian students. Mr. Bobby Varghese, the principle of ISBR gave a welcome note to the students. It was followed by an addressing speech by the Dean Mr. C.Manohar and the MD Mr. Manish Kothari. The Guest of Honor for the event was Mr. Nimbalkar from BSNL. He appreciated and encouraged the event and its importance. Students from SANTANNA UNIVERSITY shared their views on the trip to India and to ISBR, Bangalore. Thereafter the Italian students were given a small token of appreciation and honor in the form of a memento and a certificate. The entire event was bought to an end with the national anthems of both the countries with a sense of pride and fulfillment.

ISBR in ST.JOSEPH’S College – VERVE 2012

St Joseph’s College of Business Administration conducts annual management fests called ‘Verve’- It is an all India Inter-Collegiate Management fest. The various events in which ISBR participated.

Everyone participated with enthusiasm and showed their talent in the best form.  Pankaj Kumar and Deepak Dasari won 2nd prize in Photography and Moviemaking. This fest was indeed a good opportunity to exhibit our talent and we all got to learn more creative ideas from our competitors.