Ganesh Chaturthi festival begins with religious fervour as people install idols of the deity with a prayer to ward off evil.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the day on which Lord Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees. Lord Ganesh is worshipped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Ganesh Chaturthi at ISBR was a day of soaking up celebrations’, fun and enjoyment. With students from all the batches gearing up to welcome their beloved God, the preparations started in full swing.

And finally the time came to bring home idol of Ganesh in order to invoke his blessings for wisdom and prosperity and later immerse the idol in water body.

Going green this year, the students prepared the idol of Ganesh of thermacol and used environment friendly colors to beautify the God.

The evening started with a prayer song by Vijith, student of PGDM followed by a dance performance on traditional number by Neha Jain, Vandana and Sharanpreet Kaur (PGDM students) which enthralled the students.

Ronnie Banerjee also put up a solo dance performance which was appreciated by all.

This was followed by a quiz on what every body part of Ganesh teaches us which got a lot of response from the audience and many students got the answers right and a game with the students on who all can eat maximum laddos in a minute which got loads of participation.

Dance, songs, fun and games made the celebrations an evening to remember for the students and the faculty together which ended with the distribution of Prasad to all.

The evening was hosted by Rashika ,Pronoy, Aparupa , Kaushik and Pragati (PGDM students).



Connexion is when you get the golden chance to meet new faces to make genuine connections and bonds that lasts forever. Similar was a chance given to the students if ISBR who were rather more than privileged to meet and interact with few of the students from Washington University. I too took an active part to keep that CONNEXION flow throughout. Interactions with ‘DAVID FANTHOM’ or my Connexion buddy rather was superfluous, d revoking spirit of the chit-chat did not die till the end of the session and as it is I knew I had to keep the interaction flowing I didn’t feel a single bit that I am meeting my buddy for the first time so it was more of a casual conversation. The welcome was done somewhat in an Indian style by sprinkling flowers and the ‘Thali ‘prayer for one and all with a ‘Tikka’ on their foreheads that gave them more of an Anglo-Indian look.  Both experiences of the two parties were then shared at the podium and it was great to know their likings for India. Especially when the two parties stood up for both the Indian and the Washington anthem altogether I personally felt like “ONE BROTHERHOOD, ONE NATION” just a little difference on the attire and flow of accent however we all are from the same world ‘The Mother Earth’ so be it today or tomorrow we will have to stand for them and they will have to stand for us. That is what the motto of CONNEXION was all about and we are to live with it.

Fresher’s Day

Fresher1s Day

The theme of the fresher’s party is seasons, where each batch were allotted with a different seasons like summer, winter, Rainy, Spring and have a come to the party in that season kind of dresses.

Initially the programme started with the speeches and singing by the faculty and followed by the selection of Mr.& Ms. Fresher of the batch 2012-13 and followed by singing and dancing by the seniors and juniors and then at the end of the day announcing Mr.& Ms. fresher’s and honoring them and closing the party with a small Dj.