10 Steps to follow to get placed in your dream company

Dream jobs need significant efforts. Getting a job to pay your bills is one thing whereas grabbing an opportunity that happens to be in your dream company is surely a fulfilling prospect. Now the logistics of landing a job in the company you have always looked up as your motivation might seem challenging. However, with our compiled list of the vital steps that you must follow to get placed in your dream company will surely be of great assistance to you:       

Why Dream Company? Assess your skills before applying for a job

Know yourself and identify your skills for your dream job role. Evaluate your career goals to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Research about your dream company

Collect information about your dream company and go through the job responsibilities thoroughly. Gather information about the company profile and its management.

Internships matter

Get an internship to gain relevant experience for your dream job.

Draft your resume with great precision

Build a strong resume highlighting your core skills and achievements.

Talk convincingly

Ensure that you talk about your skills and experience and convince the employer about how you have considerable improved to make them understand how you will be an asset to the company.

Look for what you truly deserve

Don’t be discouraged by lack of experience while preparing for the job role that you deserve. Search for good companies.

Be flexible

Give options to your prospective employer when it comes to job location.

Earn your dream job

Always keep on working on project related to your field of interest even when you are in college. This will help the employer understand your true potential.

How to build a strong network?

Networking for job hunt is crucial. Reach out to mentors and professors who can guide and help you in pursuing your career goals. Connect with professionals and alumni of your institute who are working in multi-national companies to get a better understanding of the interview process conducted by various organizations. Professional networks such as LinkedIn can be of great help.

Is it a realistic approach?

Always have expectations that are realistic. Once you get placed, you might not like each and everything about a particular organization but that is completely fine. At such a point, examine the prospects of your position in the organization more closely before taking any decision. Although money matters but considering job satisfaction, money should not be the priority.

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