What Do Top Management Colleges Expect from the Applicants

What do MBA colleges look for in applicantsTop Management Colleges receive lakhs of applications every year but when it comes down to offering seats to students, they are extremely selective. There is no need to get disheartened because in this post we will discuss the primary requirements which top management colleges in Bangalore expect among the applicants.

Following are the main criteria that top management colleges seek:

Academic Ability

The B-Schools tend to determine your academic potential based on your test scores. Also, pay special attention to your application materials to make your profile stand out among the numerous others. They also assess candidates based upon their academic proficiency along with a significant weightage assigned to active participation and achievements in extra-curricular activities.

Thought Clarity and Passion

The B-Schools certainly do not appreciate an applicant who is clueless about his/her career goals. Be very mature about your vision in life. A strong outlook and the will to commit towards your goal takes you a long way when you are being assessed by top management colleges for admission.

Strong Communication Skills

There is filtering at the application stage as well. Therefore, your ideas need to be impressive so that your application will be processed to the next stage – interview. Provide all the required details correctly and prepare well to be able to communicate your ideas to the interviewers.

Participation in co-curricular activities

Top management schools also lay emphasis on extracurricular excellence. They prefer candidates whose profile showcases a diversity of their personality traits and skills. This helps them understand how well the candidate will fit in their institute’s culture.

Leadership and team-building skills

The ability to analyze a given stressful situation to arrive at a solution matters a lot for the interview panel. The applicant must have humility, integrity and global mindset as of the attributes to leave a lasting impression on the interviewers.

If you think that you have it what it takes to get admission in a top management college then you must join ISBR. The selection process at ISBR evaluates applicants cumulatively based on their academic background, communication, leadership and analytical skills. The institute recently received the National Education Excellence Award in ASSOCHAM Summit and Ranked No 1 under New Generation B-Schools of India and is among the top management institutes in Bangalore with International Education Standard with its first campus set up under the aegis of Bangalore Education Trust established in the year 1990. ISBR has International Campuses in Bangalore & Chennai. ISBR offers a wide array of PGDM programs. These PGDM programs are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. A unique program, Global PGDM – 3 Country Exposure Program is an innovative and exciting model for a real global exposure. Students get an opportunity to gain invaluable exposure, experience and practical knowledge by travelling, studying and experiencing 3 countries including India during their education. The conducive environment at the campus, corporate exposure through panel discussions, workshop, seminars, educational tours help students in experiencing a higher level of learning.

Begin your success journey here to attain expertise to ace your professional life at ISBR. To know more, contact us at info@isbr.in or call at 9444334755. Do not wait up; let your dreams take the shape of a splendid reality at ISBR. Apply online

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International Conference at ISBR Business School in association with AIMS

International Conference @ ISBR

International School of Business & Research (ISBR) Bangalore organized the International conference on ‘Current Trends in Global Business Practices and management Education’. The conference witnessed the confluence of ideas generated and shared by esteemed dignitaries from academia and industry as well as research scholars and faculties present.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdury, Vice Chancellor, Primeasia University, Dhaka, Bangladesh was the chief guest at the conference. The eminent dignitaries included Dr. Anil Rao Paila, President AIMS, Senior Dean Welingkar, Bangalore, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Executive Board Member- AIMS, Mr. Robert De Bos, Director- Bangalore Plant First Pvt. Ltd, Sri N Ramachandran, Managing Director – MEL System & service Ltd, Indo- America, Sri. Vijay Venkatesh, Senior Vice President -Head Hunters ( India) Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Tarun Khushalani, Director- Dart Global Logistics India.

Dr. Anandram senior Director, ISBR B School welcomed all dignitaries, faculty, research scholars and students. In his address he said,” Business world is changing too fast. Even if you have to remain where you are, you have to keep running.’’ He also mentioned to focus on EPR (Education Process Restructuring) so that India will become the premium destination for education.

In his inaugural address, Dr. C Manohar quoted,” In last 2 years, 5 billion dollars have been invested in HR analytics. “He also spoke about the relevance to focus on current trends in global business practices and how to brigde the gap between industry and academia.

An MOU (Memorrendum of Understanding) was signed between ISBR B School and Primeasia University to encourage research collaboration, exchange of students and faculty and share best practices.

Congratulating ISBR B School for organizing the International Conference and exposing the participants to industry – institute – interaction, Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdury said,” B Schools need to bring fresh perspectives, impart cross cultural environment, provide experiential learning solutions, encourage adapt, innovate and learn. They should guide students not only towards their career objectives but also encourage them to take up social objectives.

After the inaugural session, the panel discussion was initiated and moderated by Dr. C Manohar, Dean ISBR. The panelist discussed about current business practices that are common globally, the challenges posed by them and how to tackle with them at policy level, strategy level and implementation level.

International Conference @ ISBR

Post lunch, the papers were presented in various domains and on topics ranging from GST to HR analytics by research scholars, students and faculty from various institutions. The participants were awarded with certificates and medals in valedictory function.

International Conference @ ISBR





C-Talk by Ms. Poornima Matthan, Head – Corporate Communications, India & South Asia, Lenovo India Pvt.Ltd

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

April 6th, 2018 was the second session of ongoing C-Talk series of ISBR Business School. The students were excited and geared up for the next inspiring C-talk for which ISBR has the honour of welcoming  Ms. Poornima Matthan, Head – Corporate Communications, India & South Asia, Lenovo India Pvt.Ltd as speaker of the day.

Ms. Matthan is a wonderful personality and was able to connect to students and their areas of interest very easily which must be due to her experience of 20 years in the field of marketing and corporate communications. She has lived in US for three years and studied Marketing Communications at the University of Washington and worked at a hi-tech PR Consultancy. Before working with Lenovo, she has worked with corporates as well as public relations consultancies.

During the C-Talk Ms. Matthan talked about importance of social media and different social networking sites in the field of marketing. She also talked in detail about brand building, crisis management, media relations, blogger and influencer engagement, strategic counsel, external marketing communications.

She also suggested the young aspiring managers to take charge of their lives, to keep upgrading themselves and instead of just marketing, learn and concentrate on target marketing.\After this students also had an interactive Q&A round which also provided a lot of exposure to existing market trends and how to deal with them.

This C-Talk gave students clarity and direction regarding how to go about their career and how to prepare for it to come out as a capable and skilful manager.

Contributed by:

Deepika Singh Bisen ( PGDM 2017-19)

(Member of Writers’ & Media Club)



International Educational Trip under PGDM Program

PGDM with International Trip

When I was asked to write a column on International Study trip, I was really honored to have this opportunity and genuinely blank as to where to start to the package of abundant experience and memories.

Now starting from Singapore the most expensive city in the world and where we first landed by Silk Airlines is a wow factor in my mind. We were led by Dr. Chandra Niranjan ma’am and Mr. Anoop through the entire trip.

As soon as we landed I could see the strictness in passport checking and giving index finger impression of both hands I had never known. But it was fun too being in the group. Two buses were booked and we travelled to the Hotel spellbound at the beautiful roads, the greenery, and the cleanliness of the city. We reached the hotel and right after some rest, we went to Marina Bay (Clarke’s) for dinner. It was amazing feeling to have dinner with your friends beside the man-made lake and the luxurious business space all around.

The next day, it was a day for visiting NEWater where the processing of water takes place for Singapore. The Guide took us through how every pipeline is linked to come down to the storage of NEWater and filtered through various micro neuron pipe and UV. We learnt how much the Singaporeans valued every drop of water. We marveled at how attractive they had made the Visitors’ Centre. They also gave us an option of signing a pledge on how we could save water and the earth. As an experience we were also served water to taste.

Visiting National University of Singapore was amazing with their acres of area, swimming pool and other sports arena. Sports are a priority for any educational institution in Singapore.

Our next visit was to the Tiger Beer (Brewery). We toured around the whole factory to observe how from raw material to the finished product was manufactured.(in the hot oven like factory). It was fun though.

Singapore is a hot humid country but I have to say the van we traveled had a luxury of James Bond kind of movie.

In the evening we had our first experience of the Singapore Metro travel (MRT) and reached Marina Bay to see the magnificent view.

Universal Studio was one of a kind visit to see the amazing creatures of ocean all in different colors and species through glass ceiling. We spent hours watching them. It was amazing to see the technology and management of the whole setup.

Our visit to The Merlion, and the Sound and Light show- Wings of Time at the Sentosa Island was absolutely spectacular. We relaxed at the Silosa Beach to see the sunset, the Indonesian border and the ships laden with oil, learnt the economics of this trade and also the sudden light up of the ships which felt like it was another show. We were amazed at the lightning that looked like it touched the ground and felt the light rain on the beach. On the whole, it was an awesome experience.

We were lucky to have visited Singapore during Chinese New Year of celebration and witnessed the famous Lion Dance. And the story doesn’t end here. We travelled all the way from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) by bus in the night. We were told by the bus coordinator not to have anything in the bus and any mess can cause 100 SD. That was an eye-opener, on how they valued cleanliness.

Visiting Malay University was one of my most insightful visits in the entire trip. The talk by Dr. Samir, Professor, Information Management, on big data, future skills required, Research activity, Malaysian history was brilliant. We experienced authentic Malaysian lunch in the university …not a word for that.

We visited PETRONAS Twin tower and spent the entire evening with fun and laughter sitting along the road side. And what’s amazing was slight drizzle which romanticized the environment.

My most exciting moment was going to Genting highland, 6,118 ft. above sea level. We traveled all the way above through Gondola ride amides clouds where my ear started to slightly close. We got down at Chan Swee Station. The clouds were literally inside the building and couldn’t see anyone beyond 50 meters. We climbed Buddhist Pagoda to get the amazing never to be forgotten sight of my life… the heavy jungle, hills and fresh cold breeze touching your face.

The mega day event where most of the places we covered were 500 acres Putra Jaya, taking pictures near the prime minister’s office, Sultan Palace and International Convention center. The 3-tiered Putra bridge was a sight to see. The beautiful planned city and roads were again amazing.

Royal Selangor which depicts culture, custom of Malaysia producing handmade Pewter products is a sign of excellence.  And what’s amazing is all the workers are women. In 1994 F1 trophy was made here. Some of my friends also bought some unique pieces from the store.

The next stop was the Batu caves. It is a naturally formed lime stone caves which has 270 steps and we did climb the stairs….phew…It was awesome.

The last day was again an unforgettable experience. We reached KIAL airport and the whole group shopped for chocolates. With this baggage, we boarded the plane only to be delayed by more than 45 minutes due to heavy rain. We reached Singapore Changi Airport, were received by the airport staff and were literally made to run to Singapore Airlines aircraft as the plane was waiting for more than an hour for our group!!!

We had a sumptuous dinner on the plane and reached Bangalore at 10,30pm.

8 days of travel went by just like that! Wake up, get ready and there is new destination to go every day. That was our schedule…how cool is that waking up to unknown experience that holds ahead.

Contributed by-

Ms. Renu Lakra

Student of PGDM with International Trip, Batch ( 2016-18)







 10 Steps to follow to get placed in your dream company

Dream jobs need significant efforts. Getting a job to pay your bills is one thing whereas grabbing an opportunity that happens to be in your dream company is surely a fulfilling prospect. Now the logistics of landing a job in the company you have always looked up as your motivation might seem challenging. However, with our compiled list of the vital steps that you must follow to get placed in your dream company will surely be of great assistance to you:       

Why Dream Company? Assess your skills before applying for a job

Know yourself and identify your skills for your dream job role. Evaluate your career goals to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Research about your dream company

Collect information about your dream company and go through the job responsibilities thoroughly. Gather information about the company profile and its management.

Internships matter

Get an internship to gain relevant experience for your dream job.

Draft your resume with great precision

Build a strong resume highlighting your core skills and achievements.

Talk convincingly

Ensure that you talk about your skills and experience and convince the employer about how you have considerable improved to make them understand how you will be an asset to the company.

Look for what you truly deserve

Don’t be discouraged by lack of experience while preparing for the job role that you deserve. Search for good companies.

Be flexible

Give options to your prospective employer when it comes to job location.

Earn your dream job

Always keep on working on project related to your field of interest even when you are in college. This will help the employer understand your true potential.

How to build a strong network?

Networking for job hunt is crucial. Reach out to mentors and professors who can guide and help you in pursuing your career goals. Connect with professionals and alumni of your institute who are working in multi-national companies to get a better understanding of the interview process conducted by various organizations. Professional networks such as LinkedIn can be of great help.

Is it a realistic approach?

Always have expectations that are realistic. Once you get placed, you might not like each and everything about a particular organization but that is completely fine. At such a point, examine the prospects of your position in the organization more closely before taking any decision. Although money matters but considering job satisfaction, money should not be the priority.

For a foolproof plan of action to achieve your dream career, you need to have the right guidance and education which can only be done at an educational institute that delivers academic excellence. ISBR, one of the leading management institutes in Bangalore, has a team of dedicated faculty, modern-day infrastructure and excellent placement records. Awarded Best Business School of the Year by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), ISBR has also been ranked 6th Best in B School Placements by Go-Getter-B-School Placement Survey. With the average placement in a multi-national company being 5.8 Lacs per annum, the highest placement has gone up to 28.4 lacs per annum.

Give your dreams wings to fly high and explore the vast range of career opportunities at ISBR. Be a part of education that will create a difference in your life. To know more, contact us at info@isbr.in or call at 9444334755.

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MILAAP 2018- Annual Sports Day Event at ISBR

Milaap 2018

Sports do not build characters. They reveal it.

The annual sports week MILAAP 2018 was organized on 23rd, 24th and 25th March 2018 for indoor and outdoor games at ISBR Business School and Just Play Sports Complex, Electronic City respectively.
All the students participated with enthusiasm & passion for the games and it was a three day event with both indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor games included Cricket, Throwball, Football, Tug of war, Kabaddi, Badminton etc. & Indoor games included Carrom and Chess.
A huge round of applause and hearty congratulations to the winners of all the above mentioned games and cheers to all the participants.

Milaap 2018

The first day had only indoor games, the second day had outdoor games like Cricket, relay race and shot put. The third and the last day was equally remarkable with a nerve wrecking football and volleyball match along with Kabaddi. The continuous support and inspiration from a huge audience who were cheering the teams on top of their voice and supporting their team mates was a great energy booster for all the players on and off the ground. The preparation for this day included hard work of several months and days by a dedicated team of students of ISBR to make this event a huge success. This is something very commendable and never the less, the support and enthusiasm of excited supporters also made this event to be a true amalgamation of fun and hard work.

This event was a pleasant break for the students from their hectic schedule and everyone participated whole heartedly and enjoyed the three days to its fullest. The event was very well planned and executed by the coordinators who are the student representatives of the sports club. They also made sure that all the arrangements including first-aid, water and food were properly taken care of with absolute expertise.

At the end of three days, sports club was praised for their immense efforts. The sports club at ISBR looks forward to host such sports activities at regular intervals to keep students physically sound and provide them with much needed entertainment and continue to give everyone the joy of bonding and togetherness.

Contributed by:

Deepika Singh Bisen ( PGDM 2017-19)

(Member of Writers’ & Media Club)


C- Talk by Mr. Vikram V Kanth, VP Marketing, ABB India

“Dreams don’t work, unless you do”

The above quote is what was conveyed by Mr. Vikram.V.Kanth, Vice-President Marketing, ABB India, with 20 years of professional experience.  16th March 2018, was the first C-Talk for 2nd Semester students of ISBR. The session started with felicitation ceremony of Mr Vikram by Professor Nannaiah, (Director- Industry Interaction ISBR).The students were set with fresh energy and zeal.

Mr. Vikram. V. Kanth is an engineer who in his 20 years of experience had previously worked at GE India and is currently handling the position of Vice-President at ABB India (a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipments, and automation technology areas).

Mr. Vikram is a wonderful personality and interacted with the students using his years of expertise and a pinch of humour in his speech which made his interaction with the audience far more interesting and engaging than expected. His simplicity clearly reflected in his words and the way he puts forward his thoughts and ideas, made him more inspiring for the students. He was being extremely honest with whatever he spoke. He shared his own life experiences, personal and professional through a life graph and explained step by step how he climbed stairs of success that helped the students in understanding its gist and learning from his experience.

During the entire session he kept on taking questions from the students and very happily answered them with adding as much knowledge and details s possible. This session of C-Talk Series was a very different experience for all the students, very fruitful and extremely inspiring.

Contributed by:

Deepika Singh –PGDM ( 2017-19)


Student’s Guide: Things You Need to Know before Applying to Management Institutes in Bangalore

Applying to management institutes in Bangalore is a daunting task for any student as there are numerous reputed institutes that offer an industry-aligned curriculum, have a dedicated team of faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The dilemma of applying to all the best management institutes that offer an industry-aligned curriculum will not be that worrisome if you have a good guide for selecting the best college in Bangalore.

Do not let anxiety overwhelm you. This post will help you to find out the best management institute in Bangalore, by listing some of the most crucial things that you need to know before applying to management institutes in Bangalore.

Location of the college

When you are applying for the best management institutes, location is one of the most important factors that you must consider before registering. Know the social setting of the institute so that you are happy with your decision at the end of the day. Only you can evaluate and determine the most suitable location for you when it comes to the task of selecting the best management institute in Bangalore. Locations such as Electronic City is one of the most ideal areas for an education institute. There are huge technology parks in Electronic City that house numerous high-profile organizations.

Certification and Accreditation of the Management Institute 

Any management program should have the necessary accreditations so that the degree has a good credibility. The PGDM programs should be approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The courses should also be aligned as per the industrial requirements. This will help in gearing up the students for the professional world as well as while applying for jobs.

The curriculum offered by the Institute

The curriculum should be designed in such a manner that there is an adequate balance of theoretical and practical knowledge during the course. Understanding the elements of a business is crucial to its success. Hence, it is imperative for the students to understand the applicability of the concepts taught in management classrooms. The students must also check out how well the college offers hands on corporate exposure to its students besides imparting theoretical knowledge.

Placement Opportunities

Every student has the ultimate goal of grabbing a good job opportunity, after the completion of the program. A lucrative job opportunity will fulfill the purpose of the program. Top management institutes get reputed companies for placement of their students. Those institutes that have excellent placement records are in great demand by students.

International Exposure

The importance of global exposure in a management course is of great value if you are a student of a top management institute in Bangalore. Some of the best institutes even have unique PGDM program where students get to travel in three different countries during the entire course duration. International exposure broadens the perspective of the students which in turn, helps them in the overall personality development. Students also get to experience a varied cultural and social set-up which is a good practice as it exposes them to the global business scenario too. This way, students can also overcome the cultural barriers and it expands the scope of job opportunities for them. With the cross-cultural learning environment, students get to learn the skills required to work in a global environment. Some of the premier B-schools offer unique 2-year PGDM programs, approved by AICTE, in which students get a chance to study in 3 countries including India. Each student is assigned a mentor who offer constant assistance to the students.

Corporate Exposure    

While pursuing PGDM programs, it is of great advantage to students if they receive corporate exposure to understand the functioning of various divisions in an industry. Corporate Exposure through educational tours also enables students to have better people skills too. This helps them to communicate with the outside world in a better way. Hands-on experience through training sessions, webinars, seminars, panel discussions, industrial visits, cultural programs and educational tours add noteworthy weightage to the two-year PGDM programs.

While there are numerous premier B-schools in Bangalore, ISBR is one of the best management schools in the city. ISBR recently received the National Education Excellence Award in ASSOCHAM Summit and Ranked No 1 under New Generation B Schools of India and is among the top management institutes in Bangalore with International Education Standard with its first campus set up under the aegis of Bangalore Education Trust established in the year 1990. ISBR has International Campuses in Bangalore & Chennai. ISBR offers a wide array of PGDM programs. These PGDM programs are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. A unique program, Global PGDM – 3 Country Exposure Program is an innovative and exciting model for a real global exposure. Students get an opportunity to gain invaluable exposure, experience and practical knowledge by travelling, studying and experiencing 3 countries including India during their education. The conducive environment at the campus, corporate exposure through panel discussions, workshop, seminars, educational tours help students in experiencing a higher level of learning.

Start your transition to showcase your skills and expertise to the global business world with ISBR. To know more, contact us at info@isbr.in or call at 9444334755.

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TEDXISBRBangalore- The Youngest TEDx Event of South india

TEDxISBRBangalore Team

On the 10th of March 2018, the city of Bangalore witnessed its youth brimming at one of the youngest TEDx Event of the country- TEDxISBRBangalore, held at Jagriti Theatre in Whitefield.

The global platform of TED i.e. “Technology, Entertainment and Design” has gained superior outreach in India after the TED Talks India- Nayi Soch being hosted by Shah Rukh Khan off late. TED and TEDx have now become the Medias for sharing great ideas in a community through a simple medium of expression. They provide platforms to ideas that are contributors in nature for a certain segment of the society by people who are usually not that famous but have “IDEAS WORTH SPREADING”.

The young students of ISBR ( International School of Business and Research) in Bangalore conceptualized the whole event with a marvelous theme- Rubik’s- Find Your Right Place with sub-topics- Art, Leadership, Technology, Creativity, Leadership and Youth Expectations. They also mapped their theme to their choice of speakers who came from different walks of life and works. Their speakers included:- Anupam Nair, a Bollywood Singer; Arun Varma, the founder of BBQ Ride India; Deepak Justin, motivational speaker and life coach; Dheeraj Kolla, a Micro Artist; Isaac Kehimkar, the Butterfly Man of India; Pramod Siddagangaiah, the founder of Live Green India; Vahbiz Bharucha, the Former captain of India Women’s Rugby Team and Yathaarth Murthy, a 12 year wonder boy from Bangalore who can sing 215 National Anthems.

The event was also lined up with power packed performers like Sandeep Sharma, a budding vocalist and guitarist from ISBR Business School; Rajashekharan Parameshwaran, the Guinness World Record Holder for creating the world’s largest Edakoodam- the Indian Grandpa of the Rubik’s Cube; Swahaa Band, a Indian classical fusion band and Eliath Fernandes, a violinist, who has been performing since the age of 5. The audience seemed to be very much curious to see this 12 year old kid who could sing a whooping 215 National Anthems because this is no mean feat. And he lived up to their expectations when he coined a new term by saying, “I want to become an “Anthem”-ologist!!!”

The attendees were a curious lot of 100 that included corporate from all over the southern region of the country and students from across various schools and colleges of Bangalore. They were greeted with exciting goodies, energetic volunteers, amazing food and above all a perfect platform for networking.

The event was hosted by a young and electrifying Emcee- Sathvik Shetty who set up the tone for the whole event and entertained the audience wherever required. The event also had pre-recorded TED Videos played of some of the most amazing ideas at the TED platform, which the team felt were in alignment with their theme and speakers line-up.

Overall the event was a great success and the Team TEDxISBRBangalore signed off with the promise of living up to the benchmark that they created in their first event itself.

A CSR initiative by ISBR CSR Club on World Water Day- 22 March

“Wherever you are and whatever you do on March 22, make it about nature and water.” 

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day

Water is synonymous to life. Thus World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for World Water Day 2018 was ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

Damaged ecosystems affect the quantity and quality of water available for human consumption. Today, 2.1 billion people live without safe drinking water at home; affecting their health, education and livelihoods.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 commits the world to ensuring that everyone has access to safe water by 2030, and includes targets on protecting the natural environment and reducing pollution.

In answer to the UN call on Water Crisis,  We at ISBR- Business School- Electronics City took up the Water Crisis of our City Bangalore which is heading to Zero Day like that of Cape Town in South Africa where water is Rationed and took following action:

  1. Walkathon- ISBR in association with (Electronic City Industry Association) ELCIA organized a walkathon in Electronics City spreading the message on Water Conservation.
  2. Skit on the theme – “Nature for Water” was enacted at the Event of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) at the the Grand Ashok to generate the social awareness. The audience consisted of around 200, encouraged the ISBR team to perform peerlessly on water conservation theme. According, to Prof Shiva Prakash, Faculty ISBR and Coordinator of the event,” Every drop is precious and through sustainable practice we can survive through the upcoming challenges.”

Mr. Manjunath, PRO of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, said,” Solution centric approach is necessary to combat the water crisis. It has become a necessity to change people’s attitude towards water. A sustainable livelihood can only be obtained if mankind reduces their carbon footprint and ensures dynamic conservative practices.”

The skit not only gives a social awareness but also ensures every individual should learn to save every drop being its worth as high as one’s own life.

Contributed by:

Prof. Shiva Prakash( Faculty- ISBR) & Ms. Dripta ( PGDM 2017-19)